Best Soccer Teams in Colombian Today

Clubs such as Deportes Tolima, Millonarios, Atlético Nacional and Junior de Barranquilla are at the Top of the Colombian Tournament and many of them play international competition.

Players of Deportes Tolima and Millonarios FC

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Throughout the history of Colombian soccer there have been glorious teams, extraordinary players and coaches who have subsequently stood out in other parts of the world. Atlético Nacional is the most successful club at the national level with 16 League Titles, followed by Millonarios and América de Cali with fifteen each. Deportivo Cali, Santa Fe, Junior de Barranquilla and Independiente Medellín have also written glorious pages at different times in history.

Precisely Deportivo Cali directed by the Venezuelan Rafael Dudamel is the current champion of the Colombian tournament. However, the "decano" is not at his best and in the current season he is quite far from the first places. In Copa Libertadores the situation is a little better, and they even managed to beat Boca Juniors, but even so their presence in the next phase is quite uncertain.

That said, in the following article we present the teams with the best current performance in Colombian soccer, both locally and internationally, and that have many of the best players in national soccer.

Deportes Tolima

To speak of Deportes Tolima today is to speak of one of the most fit teams in Colombia. He is at the top of the tournament, in the Opening championship last year he was champion and in the Winter championship he was runner-up. While in the Copa Libertadores he fights for a place in the round of 16 with teams like the current Brazilian soccer champion (Atlético Mineiro), Independiente del Valle de Ecuador and América MG. As if that were not enough, it has decisive players such as Michael Rangel, Juan Fernando Caicedo, Yohandry Orosco and Jeison Lucumí, along with a highly experienced coach such as Hernán Torres Oliveros, who has already won two titles with the team, the first being the aforementioned Category First A and at the beginning of the year the Colombian Super League.


Since 2017, Millonarios has not won the Colombian tournament, but this year their luck could change, since they fight for the leadership with Deportes Tolima and with Atlético Nacional very close to them. Alberto Gamero's team lost the Apertura final at the hands of Deportes Tolima, and in the second half, after losing a couple of important pieces, they fell by the wayside in the semi-final home runs, unable to play the decisive key. With Andrés Llinás, Daniel Ruíz, Álvaro Montero, Macalister Silva, Larry Vásquez and Costa Rican Juan Pablo Vargas, the "Ballet Azul" will seek to return to the Copa Libertadores after being left out in phase 2 of the competition after losing to Fluminense by a 4-1 aggregate.

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Llegó el cumpleañero al Poli ???? ????#DaleNacional ????⚪️ pic.twitter.com/TXFMdLPC8k

— Atlético Nacional (@nacionaloficial) April 30, 2022

Atlético Nacional

The 2021 of Atlético Nacional was sweet and sour. While the "verdolaga" managed to win the Colombia Cup after beating Deportivo Pereira, in the Copa Libertadores he was bottom of his group, in the Opening Tournament he was left out in the quarterfinals and in the Finalization Tournament he reached the semifinals. With Hernán Darío Herrera as interim coach after the departure of Alejandro Restrepo past March and with players such as Jefferson Duque (27 goals last season), Dorlan Pabón, Giovanni Moreno, Sebastián Gómez and Andrés Andrade, the ambition to return to screaming champion this year in Colombia is more present than ever.

Junior de Barranquilla

The return of Miguel Ángel Borja to Colombian soccer to join Junior de Barranquilla must have meant a turning point for those currently led by the Argentine Juan Cruz Real, but the truth is that 2021 only brought a few semifinals in the Opening Tournament and an elimination in the semi-final home run in the Finalización Tournament. While in the Copa Libertadores he stayed in the first round and then in the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana, after losing to Libertad from Paraguay. This year, he is in the first five places in the local tournament and in the Copa Sudamericana his options to advance to the phase are optimal, so this 2022 could be better than 2021 for "the shark", although that remains to be seen. .