Breaking news: Court repeals ruling that had legalized the right to abortion in the US.

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Today it was official that the US Supreme Court. has repealed the ruling Roe v. Wade, who recognized the right of women to have an abortion, what is next and how does this influence Latin America? .

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Today, Friday, June 24, it became official that the US Supreme Court overturns the Roe vs. Wade of 1973, which recognized until today the right of women to abort at the national level. Until now, this was a right recognized in the constitution of the North American country, and was regulated in each State as it corresponds in the Federal State. Now, with the decision of the Supreme Court, abortion is no longer a recognized right and it will depend on the legislation of each State if it is criminalized or not.

This news comes a few weeks after a draft of this Supreme Court ruling was leaked. Already the feminist movements and those in favor of women's rights had been warning about the intention of the Court to overthrow the ruling that, almost half a century ago, would have set a worldwide precedent in the way of recognizing the rights of women over their bodies. . It is not very well known until now if this leak to the media came from the Republican Party and conservative sectors so that the Judges could not, after the leak, change their verdict; or if, on the contrary, the leak came from the alternative and liberal sectors to warn the feminist movements about the sentence. In any case, today Roe vs. Wade has been repealed.

Answers in the US and Latin America

The renowned senator Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez affirmed today in parliament that "we all woke up this Friday with fewer rights than we had yesterday", referring to the Court's ruling.

On the other hand, after receiving the news, the Colombian president, Iván Duque, through the Ministry of Justice, ordered the Constitutional Court of this country to annul the ruling from earlier this year that decriminalized abortion up to 24th week of pregnancy. However, there is no precedent for the Supreme Court to annul the rulings of the Constitutional Court, but it is usually the other way around. This news is in development.