Top 3 Women’s Studios in the World of Tattooing

The Woman Post invites you to know the 3 best tattoo studios whose founders are women who strive and fight to be better every day.

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Recently a micro-study called "Chileans and tattoos" conducted by GfK Adimark and published by Chile3D in 2017 revealed that 2 out of 10 Chileans over the age of 15 have at least one tattoo on their body. Figures from the analysis indicate that 14% of women have tattoos and 16% would get a tattoo. However, 38% of women who get tattoos range from 25 to 34 years old, and 50% of women who would like to get a tattoo are between 15 and 24 years old.

The report's findings show that 54% of women who have tattoos look untidy and perceive them negatively. In addition, the fact that women have tattoos makes them present in various types of discrimination and research considers that 8% maintain that taboo.

Woman, social identity, tattoo, and skin: elements of communication

An article called "Ink and skin: tattooing as a representation of personal identity" by Cesar Contreras and published by Online Magazine revealed that people between 21 and 39 years old are tattooed as a means to communicate or determine visual elements of personal identity.

Cesar Contreras, a psychologist who graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB) and a professional in the area of market research, believes that tattoos symbolize many things, especially beliefs. The results of the analysis indicate that belonging to the group of tattooed people is a condition that accompanies making body modifications. Cesar suggests that tattooing becomes an element that allows people to differentiate themselves from others.

Riders Tattoo Studio: the ideal place for elegant women


Artist Aura Duque tells stories in the shoes of her clients at Riders Tattoo Studio. His works of art highlight the skin of women and men and at the same time tell an experience that identifies them as people. Aura Duque considers that magic happens in her studio when users want to write their ideas on their bodies. Every day women and men go to the studio with something to say and that something is marked on their bodies.

Risink Tattoo Studio: women tattoo artists who want to rise and grow


Amanda, Mar, and Claudia are the women who started the Risink Tattoo Studio in Cuba. The dreams of the 3 girls were not only the income they could get from the profit, but also the experience they achieved with the stories on their skin. The 3 leaders consider that the aesthetics of the place was quite important, so they decided to look for a fairly bright apartment. However, there was a lack of investment in the material, the equipment, and of course the hygiene that the work deserves.

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Punky Bambi House Studio: women with empathy and good vibes 

Envigado (Colombia)

A group of 5 women created a study and from the moment they allied they looked for a place and their work was doubled. The Punky Bambi House Studio became the space for female tattoo offerings. The studio has a great variety in terms of style because each one is professional in what it does. For example, Jen Valencia likes details and textures, Angélica Aradiam likes color and shadows, Sara´s lines and hand-poked, Nath likes perforations, and Susana Moncada´s realistic tattoos.

Forcefully, these workshops tell the stories of a reality different from the one we live day by day. Women enter the studios in white and leave full of color, textures, shadows, ink, and a new legend in their bowels.

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