6 Podcasts That Will Help You Understand Emotions

Emotional regulation is a capacity that allows us to express emotions in a healthy way. It is a fundamental part of mental health care. For this reason, we bring you 6 podcasts that will allow you to understand emotions and how to regulate them .


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Most people go to the doctor due to physical pain. But few people seek professional help when dealing with mental distress or managing emotions. According to studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), most mental disorders begin at 14 years of age and in most cases they are not detected or simply not paid attention to. This can have very serious consequences as time goes by.

Not constantly working on understanding emotions leads to building a society in decline that is immersed in violence, addictions and, in the most extreme cases, leading some to suicide. Suicide is a reality that affects all regions of planet Earth.

According to WHO reports, in Latin America it is estimated that approximately 100,000 people take their own lives annually. And after the pandemic, levels of stress and depression increased considerably. According to a study led by the universities of Chile and Columbia, in the company of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), even health workers in Latin America showed high signs of depression, psychological distress and suicidal thoughts.

Thanks to technological advances, there are several alternatives that can contribute to mental health. Although they do not replace therapy with a psychology or psychiatry professional, they are an aid for emotional management. For this reason, we present you with 6 podcasts in English and Spanish directed by psychiatrists, psychologists and other experts that will help you understand and manage emotions.

1. “Entiende tu mente” by Molo Cebrián

Molo Cebrián, the Spanish podcaster with a degree in audiovisual communication and a psychology student, has created a series of podcasts on a weekly basis, in which he seeks to help you understand your mind to better face the adverse situations you have to live on a daily basis. To do this, it starts from scientific knowledge and deals with topics such as personality, feelings, depression, clinical disorders, decision-making, among others.

2. "Life Kit" by NPR

“Life Kit” is a podcast program on US public radio NPR (National Public Radio). This series of podcasts, which last approximately 20 minutes, seeks to share useful lessons for daily life. Well, it deals with topics such as creativity, good habits, relationships and how to manage your emotions. The creators of this podcast chat with psychologists and other professionals in a very clear, concise and dynamic language. You can find it on the NPR website, on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

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3."El Divan. Por una salud integral"

This is without a doubt a program with which you will be able to solve any doubt about the complexity of the mind. Well, it is a participatory podcast in which different professionals solve questions and curiosities that listeners have about the world of psychology. There they deal with topics such as classes of psychological pathologies that exist in the human being and ways or tools to know how to combat them. You can find it on Spotify.

4. "Feel better, live more" by Rangan Chatterjee

This podcast, which has a B2+ level of English, is one of the best-known programs in Europe. Its creator, the doctor and television presenter Rangan Chatterjee, conducts interviews with different experts in the field of mental health. The program has a wide variety of topics such as physical exercise, good breathing or the effects of dopamine in the body. In this type of podcast, you can find different short versions that range from 10 minutes to long versions that can last 1 or 2 hours. You can find it on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Podcast.

5. "El Podcast de Marian Rojas Estapé"

The psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé, author of books such as "Five tips to enhance intelligence" or "How to make good things happen to you", has made several podcasts with interviews and conferences that inspire and help to be a better person. In her interventions, the psychiatrist delves into different topics related to happiness, depression, education, managing emotions, among others. All with a close, simple and very entertaining language. You can find it on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

6. "La mente en forma"

A Spotify Original Podcast. It is defined as a podcast of personal development and self-knowledge. It is a series of episodes that teach exercises and tools to increase quality of life. The latter seeks to help keep that mind in shape that allows good management of emotions to live in harmony. Mindfulness for sleeping, exercises that promote well-being, stories with teachings and breathing techniques are some of its themes.