November Premieres in 2022: The Most Anticipated Productions on Streaming Platforms

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 The 11th Month of the Year and Christmas is Getting Closer. But Before Celebrating that Holiday, Check Out the Most Anticipated Releases of November on Streaming Platforms.

Still from the movies 'Titans', 'The Crown' and 'Disenchanted'

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LatinAmerican Post | Theoscar Mogollón González

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We are very close to the end of 2022 and several streaming platforms are about to release their latest cartridges with original and interesting productions. November is a month that is characterized by being the preamble to Christmas, but that does not mean that everything is joy and comedy. Drama, action and suspense will also be present in the catalogs of HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Star +, Disney +, Apple TV and Netflix.

Titans (November 3 - HBO Max)

The DC Universe series returns for its fourth season. On this occasion, the plot will focus on much darker aspects such as the Church of Blood (a supernatural cult), in addition to the addition of new characters such as Lex Luthor and Brother Blood. Also, the most fans hope that the romance between Nightwing and Starfire will finally take place. It should be added that the season will consist of 12 episodes, and depending on its success, Warner will decide whether to renew it or not.

El fin del amor (November 4 - Prime Video)

The most anticipated Latin American premiere of the month. This Argentine series is based on a best seller by the writer Tamara Tenenbaum, which mixes drama, romance and some comedy. The story follows a young woman raised in an Orthodox Jewish community, who after confronting her culture and rebelling against traditions, will seek ways to live and discover other ideals. Follow the actress and singer Lali Espósito through these unmissable 10 episodes.

The Crown (November 9 - Netflix)

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the eyes of many people will be on the fifth season of "The Crown". As the streaming platform advanced, the plot will focus on the 40th anniversary of the queen's ascension in one of her moments of greatest reflection. To this, we must add the arrival of mass television and a turning point in the history of the British Empire. The biggest novelty is the participation of Imelda Staunton in the role of the queen.

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Robo Mundial (November 9 - Star+)

Since November is the month of the soccer world cup, Star+ had the vision to release this dramatic comedy as a prelude to the sporting event. Here we will follow Lucho, a father who, after saving money to travel with his son to the World Cup, finds out that the Argentine National Team is disqualified due to a sanction. In an act of desperation, the man organizes a team to try to steal the cup during the promotional tour in the country, in order to try to reincorporate the selected one and thus be able to travel to the World Cup.

1899 (November 17 - Netflix)

Were you fascinated with "Dark"? Well, this production is from the same creators and will surely blow your mind again. This time we will witness how a group of immigrants traveling on a steamboat from London to New York will have to deal with mysterious events on the high seas, something that will trigger a series of enigmas that will leave them baffled. Without a doubt, this promises to be Netflix's new obsession.

Spirited (November 18 - Apple TV)

The preamble to Christmas will be made by Apple TV with one of its most anticipated original releases in November. Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer will bring to life this feature film inspired by "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Those who know the work know that every Christmas Eve the ghost of Christmas selects a dark soul to reform it, only this time he chooses the wrong person who leads him to self-analyze his own existence. This new perspective will put a fun twist on the musical.

Disenchanted (November 24 - Disney+)

It took 15 years for the film "Enchanted" to continue its history with this sequel. But the best thing about this romantic comedy is the return of its original actors: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel. The story takes place after that same time period, with Giselle and Robert moving to the outskirts of the city with their new family. However, everything will start to go wrong when Giselle wants her life to be like that of fairy tales and the spell doesn't go perfectly.