Infographic: Just Stop Oil: The Organization That Throws Paint on Famous Paintings and Buildings

Just Stop Oil has been Making Waves in Recent Weeks for "Painting" a Van Gogh Painting and Public Buildings Orange in the UK as a Form of Protest. We Tell you More about this Organization

Protesters over 'Just Stop Oil'

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Just Stop Oil defines itself as "a coalition of groups working together to ensure the government commits to ending all new licenses and consents for fossil fuel exploration, development and production in the UK." Events of this organization have become popular because they entered a museum and painted a Van Gogh painting (covered by glass) with canned tomato soup.

They have also thrown paint on several buildings in central London. Their protests, as their name indicates, are aimed at demanding that the British government put an end to the exploitation of fossil fuels. Their techniques have been very striking and today they cover the world press. We tell you more about this organization.

Just Stop Oil

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In its demands and complaints, Just Stop Oil points out that it is necessary to end the dependence on fossil fuels, but that the British government has not acted correctly. “The transition will require massive investment in clean technology, renewable energy and energy storage, but it cannot be done at current levels of energy consumption. We need to reduce energy demand by isolating Britain and rethinking how we travel, including providing free public transport everywhere."

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