United States' Elections: Ron DeSantis, the Right-wing Candidate that Donald Trump Fears

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The race in the United States elections to choose a new president in 2024 has begun. The Republican party has high expectations of winning the elections with two familiar faces: Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. The vote of the undecided is key to knowing who may be the candidate who will face the Democratic party in two years.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

Photo: Government of Florida

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After the results of the mid-term elections in the United States, whose results served to know the image that public opinion has towards the Joe Biden government, they also highlighted the names of several politicians who would have considerable support to launch themselves for the greater Political position of the North American nation: The presidency for the period 2025 - 2029.

One of the names that have gained strength in a subtle but consistent way has been that of Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida since 2019 and a militant of the Republican party. DeSantis has had no problem showing himself as a true conservative and giving his opinions on sensitive issues such as abortion, rights of the LGBTI community, migration, foreign relations (with Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela), etc.

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One of the speeches that have made him stand out in the Republican Party, among his followers and skeptics, has been what he mentioned about sending the migrant population to the northern states (with a Democratic majority), since this party has a weak way of dealing with policies of migration that, DeSantis expresses, 'must be stronger. This idea is similarly related to the pronouncements of the Republican governors of Arizona and Texas at the time.

With DeSantis as a possible Republican candidate for the presidential elections to be held in 2024, Donald Trump does not spare his image as the first rival to aspire to compete against the candidate of the Democratic party, possibly Joe Biden, and thus be president of the United States again. However, DeSantis' participation in this race is not certain. Some suggest that it could be Trump's vice-presidential formula.

DeSantis's Caution Heightens Trump's Concern

With the results of the elections last November, DeSantis has consolidated his favorable image by emerging victorious in them and being re-elected as Governor of Florida. This result makes it clear that the 'Sunshine State has a Republican majority, despite the Latin American migration.

Donald Trump, who has received support from DeSantis and vice versa, has been harmed by the rise of this new 'contender'. By losing relevance in Florida and still not solving various judicial and image problems for the moderate voter, there is a possibility that the balance will tip towards the now governor of Florida to take the position of Republican candidate for the presidency. of 2025, which would leave Trump in oblivion, at least of a political nature. Florida has a valuable determining role in the elections. It is the second most populous Republican state (behind only Texas), one of the largest economies, with a Latino population that is gaining more and more electoral influence, and where Trump moved his residence from New York.

Trump, amid his political anxiety, has stressed that thanks to him, DeSantis has become a well-known figure in the social sphere, from supporting him in the House of Representatives elections to running for governor of Florida. However, Trump has let DeSantis know that the presidential race is not for him, or at least not yet, since Trump wants to win the elections in November 2024 at all costs.

For his part, DeSantis has neither publicly confirmed nor denied his presidential bid, for which Trump impatiently awaits a statement from his former partner.

Voters Have Half The Job

The final word rests with the voters, especially the undecided Republicans. If DeSantis decides to run for the Republican nomination for president, he will have Trump, a very strategic contender who will try to skimp on his image, as he has done with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even with members close to his team of workers. This strategy is known to DeSantis, which is why he is expected to face it, and which is why it has been slow to affirm or deny his presidential run.

There is another scenario where it is claimed that DeSantis could be Trump's vice presidential ticket. In this context, the Republican candidate would be more than certain, since the other members who intend to reach the presidency for this party, such as Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz, and Mike Pence do not have the necessary weight to counteract the support that Trump and DeSantis currently receive.

Finally, DeSantis may continue with his title of governor of Florida and accumulate experience to run for president in 6 or 10 years, since at 44 years old, he has the record of being the youngest governor of any state in the United States in history, so you have plenty of time to learn.

The wait is forever for Trump, DeSantis supporters, and even Democrats. Everything can change in the blink of an eye with the statement that Ron can release. What is certain is that Trump will not have it easy. Biden is currently six points ahead of him in a possible presidential election, including two, and DeSantis has garnered considerable support in Florida. Everyone is depending on everyone right now to build momentum for November 2024.