11 Books About Soccer to Enjoy During the Qatar 2022 World Cup

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The Qatar 2022 World Cup is the Center of Attention for the Rest of the Year. What to Do Before or After Each Match? Read One of these Books About Soccer.

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Soccer, soccer, and more soccer. World Cup fever only hits every four years, and there's no way to avoid all the joy it brings to millions of people. The Qatar 2022 World Cup is already here, and you have to experience it in the best way. That is why we will recommend 11 books about soccer below so that you can join this feeling. If you are a loyal fan, you will enjoy them to the fullest, and if not, it will be the best excuse for you to give the first touches to the ball.

1. "366 historias del fútbol mundial que deberías conocer", by Alfredo Relaño

A very good option to delve into the history of football if you are not a fervent fan. Between curiosities, anecdotes and short stories, this book is developed, whose purpose is to leave that seed planted within the reader. But if, on the contrary, you are a lover of this sport, each chapter will make you feel more love for its protagonists. It will be the perfect read for you to discuss with your friends.

2. "Touched by God: How we won the Mexico '86 World Cup", by Diego Maradona and Daniel Arcucci

The 1986 World Cup in Mexico is still in the minds of Argentines, since it was the last one in which they celebrated thanks to the exploits of Diego Armando Maradona. In fact, it is the player himself who recounts in this book how he managed to lead the Argentine National Team in said tournament. In the player's words, that World Cup was the hardest fought and deserved in the country's history, a scenario that Lionel Messi will try to imitate in Qatar 2022.

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3. "Las 100 personas que cambiaron el fútbol", by Diego Campoy, Guillermo González and Juan Arroit

Three expert soccer journalists came together to compile this work of sport. Who are the players who changed the history of this discipline? Here you will not only see world-renowned figures such as Eusébio, Sócrates or Johan Cruyff, but also those names that went unnoticed despite their importance in clubs or national teams. Incredible stories and that little have been read are in this book.

4.  "Football againts the enemy", by Simon Kuper

The British journalist and writer made a fascinating journey through several countries to learn about the hidden links between soccer, power, and culture. Soccer is much more than a sport as, over the years, it has waged wars and fueled revolutions. In this work, you will change your perspective of this sport when you learn how it has influenced the politics, culture, and society of multiple nations.

5. "Grandes citas mundialistas",, by various authors

In the pages of this book are gathered more than 100 accounts of the most important matches in the history of the World Cup. We will not only find epic moments with teams like Spain in 2010 or France in 1998, but also with those that enjoyed little prominence, such as Kuwait in 1982 or the United States in 1950. An excellent read during Qatar 2022.

6. "Asalto al Mundial", by Gustavo Grabia

Whether in Latin America or Europe, there are countries with a great soccer culture where the so-called barras bravas (hooligans) stand out, that group of fans who take their passion for soccer to another level. This author is one of the greatest experts on the subject and knows the dark side of the glory of this sport like no one else. Through its pages, we will know those stories starring a group of violent people, who have made their own from 1930 to 2018.

7. "En qué pensamos cuando pensamos en fútbol", by Simon Critchley

It is an inspiring essay that can easily be classified as the perfect tribute to soccer. Passion and devotion are mixed with analysis to delve into the roots of a feeling that, for many people, is indescribable in this discipline. While the players come and go, the fans remain as the memory of the teams to anchor them in history. For them is this book.

8. "Soccer in sun and shadow", by Eduardo Galeano

When talking about soccer books, we could not leave out this classic of classics. The Uruguayan writer left us a fairly complete work, which begins with the most basic, such as the concepts of all the protagonists of this sport, going through a bit of history, and then ending with some reflections. Since he never managed to become a soccer player, Galeano did with his hands what he couldn't with his feet, and the result was a great goal to remember.

9. "Odio el fútbol moderno", by Carlos Roberto and Miquel Sanchis

They say that soccer fans are divided between those who started following it in the 21st century and those who did so much earlier. Regardless of which group you think you belong to, what you will find within its pages is pure gold. Both authors nostalgically remember names and moments that marked a beautiful time in this sport, before it forgot its essence and became a money-making machine.

10. "Cristiano and Leo: The race to become the greatest football player of all time", by Jimmy Burns

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be -possibly- the last in which the two greatest figures of modern soccer will participate: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In this work, the rivalry that arose between the two is detailed, from their beginnings as young prodigies to their conquest on the sports scene. Innate talent versus constant work. Undoubtedly, one of the best readings that unites the trajectory of both footballers.

11. "Atlas de una pasión esférica", by Toni Padilla

Finally, we do it with a work that is somewhat detached from the rest of the recommendations. This book is made for soccer lovers who want to know more about the discipline, but they will do it from the voice of ordinary people. The Spanish journalist collects 34 stories from different parts of the world, whose connection to soccer is the way in which they overcame different types of obstacles. A real beauty!