Release Guide March 2023: What to See on Streaming Platforms?

Movies, series, and documentaries continue to reach the different streaming platforms. Take a look at these premieres in case you don't know what to see in March.

Ted Lasso, Boston Strangler, Yellowjackets

Photos: Apple TV, Star+, Paramount+

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Another month begins in 2023 and the streaming platforms continue the dispute to attract larger audiences. The particularity in March will be the return with new seasons of three critically acclaimed series, without forgetting those productions that already generate expectations because they will hit the screen for the first time. Here we present a new guide with the most anticipated releases of Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Star +, Paramount +, Prime Video and Apple TV.

MH370 (March 8 - Netflix)

Netflix will fill its catalog in March with interesting productions, such as the second part of the series "You", but a special mention must be made for "MH370". This is a documentary that will cover the dark mysteries behind the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared with 227 people on board in 2014. What really happened to that flight? Who are the culprits? These and other questions will be answered while the leading voices give their points of view and different versions.

Ted Lasso (March 15 - Apple TV)

Believe! That is the motto of the comedy series that has swept multiple awards in recent years. The story of the football coach who comes to London to direct a soccer team reaches its third season, which according to its creators would be the last. For this occasion, we will not only see AFC Richmond face a new season in the Premier League, but also Ted with his personal problems and the confrontation against Nathan at West Ham.

The Boston Strangler (March 17 - Star+ / Hulu)

Matt Ruskin is the director who brings this film based on true events to streaming. Here we will follow a reporter (Loretta) who is the first to connect the Boston Strangler murders. However, both she and her colleague (Jean) will see the investigation hampered by the sexism of the time, this while the murderer continues to increase the number of victims. Both will risk their own lives in order to discover the truth. The cast is led by Keira Knightley, Carrie Coon, Alessandro Nivola, David Dastmalchian and Chris Cooper.

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Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman (March 17 - Disney+)

Another must-see documentary that will arrive in March. Through the lens of Oscar winner Morgan Neville, here we see presenter Dave Letterman on his first trip to Dublin to spend time with the iconic band U2. While everything will focus on Bono and The Edge's relationship of more than four decades, we will also enjoy a walk through the Irish city, which will end with an intimate and innovative concert never seen before. Tourism, friendship, and lots of music in one place.

Yellowjackets (March 24 - Paramount+)

One of the thrillers that revolutionized television and streaming last year returns for its second season. The premise centers on the surviving soccer players of a plane crash in 1996 and what their lives have been like since then. The parallel double story will continue and do its best to answer the questions left by the last episodes. There are few details that have been dropped since production, but the only truth is that actor Elijah Wood will join the cast already led by Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis and Melanie Lynskey.

Succession (March 26 - HBO Max)

The fourth season of the successful HBO original series will be the one that lowers the final curtain. The Roy family drama, owner of an empire of audiovisual media and entertainment companies, hopes to continue sweeping awards season. The plot will follow the same line as the last episode, with the family patriarch convincing himself that none of his sons is ready to assume full power of the company. Errors, challenges and more greed is what is to come.

The Power (March 31 - Prime Video)

The most promising Prime Video project for the month of March. Based on the novel by Naomi Alderman, the series with supernatural touches presents us with a dystopian world where all teenagers develop a sudden ability to electrocute at will. With that premise, the story will not only focus on how this power affects people on a personal level, but also the world as a whole. Part of the cast will feature the stellar updates of Toni Collette and John Leguizamo.