The Great Moment of Alexis Sánchez, The "Wonder Child" of a Golden Generation

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At 34 years old, Alexis Sánchez is experiencing a tremendous present after a difficult time in Italy. Key figure and goalscorer at Olympique de Marseille and determinant in the Chilean National Team.

Alexis Sanchez

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When talking about Alexis Sánchez, it is mentioned that he is one of the best players of the golden generation who led Chile to two consecutive World Cups and who gave the country its first two trophies (Copa América 2015 and Copa América Centenario 2016). In addition, he is the national team's all-time top scorer, with 51 conquests in 153 appearances, and he is one of the national players who has been in European soccer the longest, with 15 seasons in the force and with steps in Udinese, Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United, Inter Milan and currently Olympique de Marseille.

Many will remember him for his great campaigns in Udinese and Barcelona, others for becoming one of the best players in the world at Arsenal, and some for his frustrated time at Manchester United. There are even those who could say that his stay at Inter Milan was not the best either, but the truth is that at 34 he is going through the best moment of his last years. He looks good physically, fast, a dribbler, with great ability to make decisions and with tremendous effectiveness in the opposite area.

Recently, in an interview with Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN), Sánchez expressed that he feels extremely comfortable in Marseille, and that he would like to continue at the French club and extend his career for as long as possible. “I am happy, the club takes care of me, trusts me. That is the most important thing to me. I want to continue demonstrating, I make a mistake and I say that's it and I relax with this. Having continuity in soccer is the most difficult. Carrying 18 years in the elite is very difficult," said the Chilean.

His great moment in France

When the Chilean landed in the Marseille team, although no one doubted his quality or his outstanding career, there were apprehensions for his last seasons. At Manchester United, in 45 games, he only scored five goals and distributed nine assists, far from his impressive numbers at Arsenal. At Inter Milan, despite the fact that his figures improved, between injuries and high competition with players like Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martínez, Joaquín Correa and the Bosnian Edin Džeko, he never managed to stand out as one of the best players of the "Neroazurri" team. In 109 games played with Inter Milan (spread over three seasons), he made 109 appearances, with 20 goals and 23 assists. The 2020-2021 league campaign was his most outstanding, with seven goals and seven assists in 30 games.

In Marseille his impact is indisputable. In 34 games he has scored 16 goals (12 of these in the league) and one assist, and he is a fundamental piece in the 3-4-3 formation proposed by the Croatian coach, Igor Tudor. The team currently occupies the second position, being several units away from PSG.

Last week, Tudor highlighted the present of Alexis Sánchez in an interview with the prestigious French media, L'Equipe, and stated that “If Alexis Sánchez surprises me? But I saw him at Inter, he had very good seasons. I've always liked it. He has a soul, loves soccer and wants to win." In this sense, Tudor added that "Sánchez always arrives two hours before the others. It is something incredible. He is at his ideal weight, he does not have a gram of more. That makes the difference."

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In Chile, it is essential

But not only in the club sphere, Alexis's level is quite positive, but in the National Team he is the most decisive player and the one with the best level of the depressed golden generation. In the recent friendly against Paraguay, Chile won 3-2, with an Alexis Sánchez who had to come on from the bench to score a goal and provoke the own goal of the experienced Paraguayan goalkeeper, Antony Silva. He did all this with a change of jersey number, going from the traditional "7" to "10".

His present is a balm for a National Team that is not going through its best moment, after failing to qualify for the last two World Cups and seeing how the generation of historic players like Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel and Claudio Bravo is on the decline as a result of the old age. However, the case of Alexis Sánchez is different, and his current level positions him as the most differential and decisive player in the current squad, waiting for a replacement of players to appear that has been waiting.

If Chile wants to have any chance of qualifying for the next World Cup event, which will take place in 2026 in Mexico, the United States and Canada, it must have the best version of Alexis Sánchez and players who live up to the moment the athlete is living.