7 Global Politics Books To Understand 2023

The political world is so dynamic that, at times, it seems to lose us. But a good book on politics will always be a good source of information.

'The world is for sale', 'White Gloves, Black Nation', 'Why are we so parochial?'

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2022 passed and Latin America did not disappoint in political news. Political crisis in Peru, the conviction against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Argentina, historic changes of government in Colombia and Brazil, and so on, many other events that can take any unprepared person by surprise.

"The World Is For Sale"/"The World Is For Sale" – Javier Blas And Jack Farchy

The book of the year according to the Financial Times and The Economist. This title is focused on the hidden face of the commodity business. It is not for nothing that the companies in charge of buying and selling these move 17 trillion dollars a year, a third of the global economy. This book attempts to explain the economic system we live in and who the ultimate winners and losers are.

He even talks about the fact that it was these businessmen, those in charge of buying and selling everything from coffee, to oil or the cars we drive, who, at the time, helped Vladimir Putin to circumvent the sanctions against him.

The World Crossroads. A Manual For Tomorrow – Pedro Baños Bajo

This work by Pedro Baños helps to decipher the news of a hyperconnected and hyper-globalized world. Baños calls for finding new solutions in a world with a digital context governed by artificial intelligence and other technological advances. Of the challenges that come with the labor issue and a polarized society.

It is the best-selling political book on Amazon Spain. It has a 4.5-star rating and, without a doubt, is an excellent gift for Three Kings Day.

"Ukraine. The Road To War" – Alejandro López Canorea

This book is an essential text to be able to understand the geopolitical context that led to the war in Ukraine that we are suffering all over the planet today. To understand the historical relationship between Russia and Ukraine, the role of the West and NATO, and how it all ended in a war in the heart of Europe in the middle of 2022/23.

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It's available on both Kindle and Audiobook for those who prefer to help the environment or listen to content on the way to work or while cooking.

"El Rey Del Cash" / "The King Of Cash" – Elena Chávez And Anabel Hernández

A book that is destined and pointing to a single person, the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. According to the author, Elena Chávez, this text narrates the life of Chávez's partner, César Yáñez, AMLO's former press officer, and, according to her, it is a story of political betrayals by the most powerful man in Mexico.

According to the co-author, Anabel Hernández, " The king of cash is a clear and uncompromising chronicle through which the secret political, personal and financial history of AMLO and his closest circle is reconstructed, essential to understanding the president's DNA, of the call 4T and Morena .”

"White Gloves, Black Nation: Women, Citizenship And Political Wayfaring In Haiti" – Grace Sanders Johnson

If you are passionate about learning about the history of Haiti from a gender and racial perspective, this soon-to-be-released text by Grace Sanders Johnson is your best option. With a publication date of April 2023 for its English version, you can already make your pre-sale purchase to be among the first to have it.

However, if you prefer to read it in Spanish, you will have to wait, since the publication has been confirmed so far. Possible translations into other languages are pending and could come out at the end of 2023.

"With Own Light – The Light We Carry" – Michelle Obama

I think the author needs no introduction. She will be squeezed by a lady from the United States and one of the most influential and powerful women on the planet. The woman who has championed and been the image of various feminist struggles in the United States recently released a new book: "with her light."

Even though it does not have a historical or conflict load, it is an excellent book to read in times when reality seems to overwhelm us. It is ideal for preserving hope and emotional stability in times like the one we are currently experiencing, full of uncertainty.

"Why Are We So Parochial? A Brief International History Of Colombia" – Sandra Borda

A book by the famous Colombian internationalist Sandra Borda. The author is one of the most-heard voices in Colombian politics and brings this book, as an essay, to recount the international relations of the coffee country.

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