Ayotzinapa Anniversary: Nine Years Of Struggle And Impunity

Thousands of people marched in Mexico due to setbacks in the Ayotzinapa case, which has now reached nine years of impunity .

March for the students of Ayotzinapa

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Thousands of people marched this Tuesday in Mexico City on the ninth anniversary of the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students to remember the exhaustion of the young people's relatives at a time they consider to be a setback after years of small progress.

"It is categorically stated that the motive for the murder and the disappearance of the young people is due to a dispute between criminal groups, that the students were infiltrated by criminal groups, these are statements that are closer to the historical truth than to the new investigations ", Vidulfo Rosales, lawyer for the students' parents, told the media.

On Monday, the parents of the young people accused the president, in a meeting with the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), of covering up the Army, which has not provided all the information about the case, as the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts also denounced in July. (GIEI).

That day, Rosales told the media upon leaving the meeting that the Mexican Ministry of the Interior is offering a narrative similar to the so-called "historical truth" that the Government of President Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018) wanted to impose, regarding the case of the students who disappeared from Ayotzinapa in 2014.

This is how the investigation of the case goes

This Tuesday, the lawyer explained that the statement presented on Monday to the parents and that will be presented to the media on Wednesday uses evidence that has already been rejected and does not advance the main objective of the relatives, which is to know what happened and know the whereabouts of the young people.

On September 20, the parents met with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to whom they complained that the Army had not delivered relevant documents that could help to know what happened that night of September 26, 2014, but the president then insisted in which all the information is already in the hands of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic.

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“It is the (information) that we have so far, there is no more, if they consider that there is information that we are hiding, I tell them: it is not true. That's clear," the president responded this Tuesday in his usual morning press conference.

The march, the largest in recent years, passed from the emblematic Angel of Independence to the Zócalo, where the National Palace, the president's residence, is located, calmly although there was little damage to the street furniture.

The parents, visibly exhausted after a week of protest activities in the Mexican capital and nine years in the struggle, marched at the front of the mobilization and stood in front of the anti-monument of the 43 students, located on Paseo de la Reforma, where they carried out a count as a reminder of the long absence of their children.

Upon arriving at the Zócalo, they held a rally where they recalled that their priority is to know the whereabouts of their children and demanded once again that the investigations be continued in a rigorous and serious manner, moving away from the historical truth, in addition to insisting on the need for the Army release the missing information.

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