Cristina Fernandez back on the horse

In Argentina the deadline to the Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Primaries (PASO, in Spanish) before legislative elections has closed, opening the political game for Congress

Cristina Fernandez

As the campaings are under way this weekend was full with activity in search of alliances and fronts as the pre-candidates registered their platforms

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Capital, saw the launch of former President Cristina Fernandez campaing for the Senate. Unidad Ciudadana, Fernandez platform, is an alliance from five political parties: Compromiso Federal, Frente Grande, Kolina, Nuevo Encuentro and Partido de la Victoria

She will, if elected, be on the opposition and run under the flag of limiting the central goverment and stop Macri’s adjustments, as the are very differents from her past agenda as president.

Fernandez has held a sit on the Senate twice, first from 2001 to 2005, and later from 2005 to 2007, before becoming president from 2007 to 2015

Fernandes said ‘I want to be again part of a political movement where the most important thing is the people, where the most important thing is those who suffer, those who need. This is the Argentina that we want, this is Unidad Ciudadana,’ on the campaing video who went viral with more than 60.000 views within three hours.


LatinAmerican Post |Ricardo Avella

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