Elections in Brazil: These are the candidates’ political proposals

Here you can find all about the political proposals of four of the most likely candidates to occupy the presidency of Brazil

On October 7 will take place the elections for the presidency of the Republic of Brazil. Therefore, in LatinAmerican Post we present you the policy proposals of the four main favorite candidates in the polls, who will seek to become the next president of the South American country, taking IGNORE INTO account information published on their official pages.

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Jair Bolsonaro

Elections in Brazil: These are the candidates' political proposals

Jair Bolsonaro, 63, is currently the favorite in the polls to be the new president of Brazil for the Social Liberal Party (PSL). Bolsonaro is a "reserve military and federal deputy," according to his website, who for the seventh time holds a position in the Chamber of Deputies. In the same portal it is explained that "he is the head of the Commission of External Relations and National Defense and substitute of the Commission of Public Security and Combat to the Organized Crime". Bolsonaro's political proposals are linked to security and foreign policy. These are:


  • Protect the armed forces accused of abuses
  • Decrease the age of criminal responsibility
  • Reduce restrictions on weapons possession
  • Increase investment in the Police

Foreign policy

  • Close the Embassy of Palestine in Brazil
  • Prevent Brazil from being offended to democratic countries such as Israel and Italy
  • Close all kinds of negotiations with communist countries, such as China, Venezuela, Russia and Cuba
  • Improve relations with the United States, distanced by the government of Lula Da Silva

Fernando Haddad

Elections in Brazil: These are the candidates' political proposals

The former mayor of Sao Paulo, Fernando Haddad, has achieved second place in favoritism in the polls in less than two weeks, as reported by AFP.  With 55 years old, Haddad is the candidate for the Workers Party (PT) of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who put him as his replacement after the electoral justice invalidated his candidacy from prison. Currently, Lula pays a 12-year and one-month sentence for corruption. These are Haddad's proposals, also in terms of security and foreign policy, according to his website:

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  • Reduce militarization
  • Promote human rights
  • Decriminalize drugs
  • Fight corruption
  • Increase the coordination of law enforcement forces

Foreign policy

  • Increase efforts in receiving refugees and immigrants of any nationality
  • To promote a democratic and peaceful solution with all the political forces of Venezuela, respecting constitutional principles of non-intervention in matters of other countries
  • Avoid politically and diplomatically isolating Venezuela and get away from any conflict
  • Strengthen and complete the SISFRON, the integrated border surveillance system to combat drug trafficking

Ciro Gomes

Elections in Brazil: These are the candidates' political proposals

The third place in the polls is occupied by Ciro Gomes, candidate for the Trabalhista Democratic Party (PDT). Among the 13 candidates, he is an important competitor for Bolsonaro and Haddad, in his third attempt to reach the Brazilian presidency. He has been mayor, governor, deputy and two times minister. In addition, as reported by AFP, he is the leader of a powerful family in the state of Ceará. His proposals for political reform, according to his official website, are:

  • Campaign financing: The society must make an election to finance its democracy, and certainly the cheapest and most transparent of them is the public financing of campaigns linked to donations of individuals with individual roof
  • Popular revocation of mandates (withdrawal): Revocatory plebiscite in the middle of the mandate when requested by two thirds of the legislative or popular initiative
  • Party loyalty: prohibition of change of party before the electoral window and loss of mandate due to expulsion motivated by infidelity
  • End of proportional coalitions: vote calculated only for the chosen party

Marina Silva

Elections in Brazil: These are the candidates' political proposals

Before entering the world of politics so dominated by men, Marina Silva, 60, devoted part of her life to protecting the environment. As Sputnik Mundo reviews, her life was marked by poverty in the Amazon. Her political proposals are more focused on security policies and the fight against corruption. On this, Silva wants:


  • Reinforce weapons control
  • Propose alternative penalties to reduce interim prisons
  • Organize a referendum on the decriminalization of drug use
  • The Armed Forces will assume a fundamental role in the defense of the borders, in the fight against smuggling and against the trafficking of drugs, weapons and people, as well as in the protection of the environment

Fight against corruption

  • Criminalize undeclared contributions to electoral campaigns
  • End the special jurisdiction to judge ministers and parliamentarians


LatinAmerican Post I Edwin Guerrero Nova

Translated from "Elecciones en Brasil: Estas son las propuestas de los candidatos"

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