Annular Solar Eclipse: How To See It From Latin America?

An annular eclipse will take place this coming October 14, we explain what it is and how to see it from Latin America.

Annular solar eclipse

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The annular solar eplicose will be visible next Saturday, October 14. This astronomical phenomenon, which some astrologers also study around this time, can be seen from the regions of America.

This type of eclipse forms a "ring of fire," that is, an orange circle caused by sunlight surrounding the moon's shadow.

What is an annular solar eplise?

This astronomical phenomenon occurs because, for a few hours, the sun, the moon and the Earth are aligned. So the moon appears in front of us between the sun and our planet. It is very similar to a total solar eclipse.

It has a difference with the latter: in the annular solar eclipse, the moon is in its furthest orbit from the Earth. This means that its shadow cannot completely cover the sun. The above forms what we call the "ring of fire", since the sunlight ends up surrounding the shadow of the moon. This is how the "fire" circle that we will see on October 14 is set up.

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Now, for many astrologers, this celestial phenomenon, like many others, has effects on our life on Earth. During these days, astrological interpretations of the effects that the eclipse can have on those of us who inhabit this planet have been trending on social networks.

How to see it from Latin America?

The eclipse will be seen from the Americas region. It will first pass through North America and end in the Southern Cone, although it will not be noticeable there. At the time of the eclipse, the sky will appear darker, but not to the point of a solar eclipse, as the sun will not be completely covered.

The eclipse will reach Latin America through Mexico and Central America, where it will begin to be visible at 10:13 in the morning. In Panama, Colombia and Brazil it can be seen at 11:13 in the morning (local time). In the latter, the visibility of the eclipse is 95%.

In Argentina, for example, and the other countries south of the equator, the eclipse will not be perceptible, since they are located in the twilight zone, so their sky will not darken. In Buenos Aires, the perceptibility of the eclipse is only 35%.

For all countries that are not in the eclipse visibility zone, there is always the NASA broadcast.

The perfect coincidence of the sun and the moon will last only 65 seconds, but the eclipse is noticeable for a slightly longer period.

It is advisable to wear appropriate eye protection if you are going to see the eclipse. This is because even if the shadow of the moon covers some of the sun, we will, in any case, be seeing the sun directly with our eyes.

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