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The Immigration Crisis Reaches The Big Apple: This Is The Situation In New York

The mayor of New York is visiting different Latin American cities to establish relations for a joint agenda to confront the immigration crisis .

Sergio Salomón Céspedes (l), the mayor of New York, Eric Adams (c) and the state Secretary of Economy Ermilio Barrera

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The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, revealed this Thursday in Mexico that in the last twelve months 117,000 migrants arrived in the American metropolis, which has caused a severe crisis "that has overwhelmed the city," since the Living conditions for foreigners are not adequate.

At a press conference held this day in the Mexican state of Puebla, in the center of the country, he asked migrants "not to be fooled when they tell you that by arriving in New York you will find work," because they are overwhelmed by the wave of migrants arriving. not only from Mexico and other parts of the world.

“In the last year, around 117,000 migrants arrived in New York, this makes the situation very difficult,” said Adams.

Mexico is the first stage in Adams' visit to the region where he will also visit Ecuador, Colombia and Panama to meet with leaders of those countries and learn more about the situations that have caused the flow of thousands of immigrants who have arrived in the American city. in the last year.

"Do not be fooled, do not think that arriving in New York you are going to work and that you are going to be completely calm, the living conditions are not the most desirable, because we are totally overwhelmed by the wave of migrants not only from Mexico, but from the entire continent and other countries, that is why we are making people stay in their places of origin," he explained.

The official denied that there is a proposal to suspend the entry of migrants into the city, said he did not know who could have made this information public and pointed out that New York "is a city that welcomes migrants."

However, he said, we only want more migrants to stop arriving "because we are overwhelmed."

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"There is no news to prevent the passage of migrants, I don't know where that statement could have come from. What I can tell you is that New York is a city that welcomes migration, New York was built thanks to the migrants and now we are only thinking about not allowing more migrants to arrive because we are overwhelmed and the conditions are not the most suitable for more people to arrive," he said.

He explained that the conditions "are not good" for children, women and the elderly "that's why we ask them not to try to get" to New York.

Visit of the mayor of New York to Latin America

The mayor said that his visit to Mexico was due to the search for economic relations and to carry out a joint agenda with several cities and assured that his stay was beneficial.

He highlighted that the relationship of the city of New York is not only with the city of Puebla, but with all of Mexico, since it has the support of the consul general, Jorge Islas. Many of the Mexican migrants who live in the Big Apple come from the state of Puebla.

In Quito, Ecuador's capital, Adams will visit organizations helping deal with the asylum seeker crisis and meet with leaders to discuss the crisis in New York.

More than 100,000 immigrants have arrived in New York in the last year and at least 60,000 are in shelters provided by the city, which also provides them with food and other aid, which the mayor says has undermined finances and will lead to a deficit in 2025 of 12 billion dollars.

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