Female Leadership in Biden’s Climate Cabinet

One of President Joe Biden's first actions after taking office was to rejoin the Paris Agreement, the first global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions, signaling his commitment to fighting climate change.

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These are the best cards from his government to fight global warming.

Gina McCarthy

She is the National Climate Advisor for the White House. The environmental health expert was the 13th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2013 to 2017. Appointed by President Obama in 2009 as Assistant Administrator of the EPA's Office of Air and Radiation, Gina McCarthy has been a prominent advocate for common-sense strategies for public health and the environment. McCarthy received a BA in social anthropology from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and a joint MA in engineering and environmental health planning and policy from Tufts University.

Sonia Aggarwal

Aggarwal is Vice President of Energy Innovation and co-author of Designing Climate Solutions: A Policy Guide for Low-Carbon Energy. She was named a senior climate policy and innovation advisor to the Biden administration. Prior to Energy Innovation, the American Indian climate expert-led global research at the ClimateWorks Foundation, where she worked on McKinsey's carbon reduction cost curves. There she worked with the Forum of Major Economies, the governments of Japan and China, various United States senators, the White House, helped establish the American Energy Innovation Council, and advised the Agency's "Accelerating Technology Transitions" project. International Energy.


Cecilia Martinez

She is a co-founder and executive director of programs at the Center for Earth, Energy, and Democracy (CEED). Dr. Cecilia Martinez works to promote racially conscious discussion on environmental, energy, and development issues in a way that allows all members of society to participate in the decision-making process. She is now the senior director of environmental justice at the White House.

Maggie Thomas

Frances Maggie Thomas co-founded Evergreen Action with former Gov. Jay Inslee's presidential campaign climate team to ensure the next president and the next Congress have what they need to take bold climate action from day one. She also writes politically relevant policy memoranda to promote bold and forward-thinking federal climate policy. She has been appointed Chief of Staff of the newly created Office of National Climate Policy by President Joe Biden.

Emily Sanford Fisher

She is General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Senior Vice President of Clean Energy at Edison Electric Institute. Fisher joined EEI in 2008 and has led the legal department since 2017. She will continue in that role to oversee and coordinate strategic clean energy engagement at EEI and the federal government. She is also a member of the National Advisory Council of the Women's Energy Network and the Advisory Council of the Energy Systems Integration Group. She now is a key member of Biden's climate office.

According to OCG, Biden's climate plan is a $ 2 trillion strategy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, to implement those resources within his first term. Recently, Biden signed a series of executive orders that prioritize climate change and lead the United States to curb the carbon emissions that cause global warming. The order includes freezing new oil and gas leases on public lands and offshore waters, as well as cutting fossil fuel subsidies while pursuing green policies.

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