Gallery: 5 volcanoes with the most destructive eruptions of recent times in Latin America

The orange alert for Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia revives the memory of the Armero tragedy, one of the deadliest eruptions in recent decades. We remember other volcano eruptions in Latin America.

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America is one of the most volcanically active continents on Earth. It is a region of around 40,000 kilometers with very high volcanic activity, situated between Asia and America. According to National Geographic, there are currently about 1,350 active volcanoes, and most are located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. For this reason, most volcanoes are situated toward the western part of the continent.

Recently, one of the volcanoes ringing the most is Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia, as activity has been recorded on it. It is on orange alert, and it is estimated that an eruption could occur at any moment. Given the situation, the different authorities of the Andean country have deployed plans to prevent its outbreak from becoming a tragedy. The army is working on the preparation and evacuation of potentially affected territories. Likewise, various municipalities have already declared a state of emergency. This is the case of Anserma, in the department of Caldas, where a public calamity was declared due to possible damage to the Cauca River.

The activity of this volcano recalls its last eruption in 1985, one of the most significant recent tragedies in Colombia. On this date, remembered as the Armero tragedy, it is estimated that around 25,000 people died from the avalanche. In this gallery, we remember some of the most vigorous volcano eruptions in recent history in Latin America.

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Regarding the recommendations regarding the orange alert for Nevado del Ruiz, the Colombian Geological Service they have warned that the threat is for the departments of Caldas, Tolima, and Risaralda. The authorities ask the residents to respond to evacuation calls and preventive measures to avoid loss of life and mitigate possible effects.

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