Gallery: The 8 Best Natural Parks to See Animals in Latin America

Ecotourism, Nature Tourism and Sustainable Tourism are Becoming More Popular. We tell you About the Best Natural Parks to Enjoy Incredible Landscapes and see Animals in their Natural Habitat.

View of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

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Seeing wild animals in freedom is one of the best experiences in life and with the growing popularity of nature and ecological tourism it is an increasingly possible reality. According to the "Protected Planet for Latin America and the Caribbean 2020" report, coordinated by RedParques and supported by the United Nations, the region has more than 8.8 million square kilometers of protected areas , both maritime and terrestrial.

In fact, despite the great challenges, the report ensures that: "Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is the most protected region in the world, in terms of land coverage (without considering the polar region). This figure is equivalent to 21.4% of the total area protected by LAC (24% of land areas and 19% of marine and coastal areas), a coverage greater than the total area of Brazil or the sum of the continental territories of Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia , Bolivia and Paraguay".

In this sense, many of the areas are natural parks that have enabled visits for the population. In them, there is a great wealth of fauna and flora available to study it, but also to appreciate it and enjoy its beauty. We tell you about some of the natural parks with the largest number of animals to see:

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We hope that this list will inspire you to embark on an adventure and discover the wonderful natural destinations that Latin America has to offer. Likewise, it is a call to defend the efforts in the conservation of the species that inhabit the region.

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