Better Call Saul: What To Expect For The Season Finale?

The successful spin-off of Breaking Bad is about to enter the final stretch of its last season. What could happen in the future?

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It is clear that Breaking Bad is one of the best series in history. The plot of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman generated fans all over the planet. Therefore, when its last chapter ended in 2013, everyone hoped that, one way or another, this popular story could continue.

Some of this happened with "El Camino" (a movie that you can currently find on Netflix), which explained some events after that series, but not much more than that. The really interesting content came with Better Call Saul , a prequel whose first episode aired in 2015.

Although at first, the series started somewhat slowly, with the passing of the chapters it has evolved remarkably, to the point that some consider it superior to its predecessor. Now, its latest chapters will begin to arrive on Netflix in July. What can we expect from them? Here we tell you. 

Better Call Saul: the importance of its present and its future

One of the first things to note about Better Call Saul is its story. After all, it shows us the life of Jimmy McGill, also known as Saul Goodman, who is the lawyer who gave legal advice to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. So, the premise of the show is getting to know how he became who he is. 

However, this not all. One of the great successes of Better Call Saul is that, season after season, it began with a black and white scene that sought to explain the character's future after Breaking Bad . That is, except in the last season, all the scenes at the beginning united the same plot in the future.

This allowed fans to speculate on the possible continuation of the series, but also to know what happened before. And there is one of the keys because Better Call Saul managed to work on its own, with magnificent characters and comic and dark moments worth admiring.

Some historical characters make their appearance throughout the series, such as Mike Ehrmantraut or Gustavo Fring. However, others can only be seen here -which fuels speculation as to why they are not in Breaking Bad , such as Lalo Salamanca, Howard Hamlin or Kim Wexler, the latter being the most beloved by the public.

That said, what could happen in the next episodes? Well, first of all, we have something confirmed: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will return to the series, something announced by AMC. The interesting thing will be to see how, since, without going into Breaking Bad spoilers, this could happen in different timelines.

Another highlight has to do with the character of Kim Wexler. We have seen how she has evolved remarkably throughout all the seasons, going from being a woman who only did some pranks to a true con artist within her profession.

The fact that she (unintentionally) went into business with the cartel also leads many to speculate as to why she doesn't appear in Breaking Bad . In other words, Saul Goodman is an apparently single man and never mentions her. So what are the possibilities?

The first could be that she actually exists in Breaking Bad, only she's never been mentioned. It would be the "happy ending" for many viewers. However, there are other much darker theories. Perhaps the least dramatic is that they simply separate, something that is fueled by two specific events.

The first is (warning: spoilers) the unexpected death of Howard Hamlin at the hands of Lalo Salamanca in the last recently aired episode. This could make her understand that being with Saul Goodman is dangerous. 

However, there are other very negative outcomes for her. The first is that she ends up being kidnapped by Lalo Salamanca and ends up in Mexico as his legal advisor, which has a clear symbology with what happened to a character from Breaking Bad. The last possible destination is even more tragic: death.

It also remains to be seen what happens in the post- Breaking Bad future and if in this last half of the episodes we will be able to see a new flashforward on the life of Saul Goodman. Although it has been confirmed that this season will be the end of this series, it would not be strange if they could make a new show set in this fantastic fictional universe.

And you, what do you think will be the outcome of this great series?

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