Hurricane Ian Devastated Florida

Last Wednesday Hurricane Ian passed through Florida, destroying a significant part of the state and leaving 2.67 million people without power.

View of Hurricane Ian and damage to a Florida highway

Photos: NWS, WBTV.com

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Ian is a category 4 hurricane, with winds of approximately 241 kilometers per hour. It is one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States in its history. The weather phenomenon hit Lee and Charlotte counties hardest, leaving virtually no power in them. 

Florida Governor Ron De Santis spoke about the event. "The impacts of this storm are historic and the damage that was done was historic," he said. "We have never seen a flood like this. We have never seen a storm surge of this magnitude," he added.

The governor clarified that the emergency services have only arrived on the area Thursday morning. There are 28 helicopters carrying out rescue work iand two hospitals have been evacuated so far. To date, it is impossible to make an accurate count of the injured and the dead, but it is known that there are at least two fatalities from the storm.

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One area that was particularly hard hit was Sanibel, an island in Lee County. The hurricane destroyed an important part of the road that leads to this island, cutting off access to the place where a population of approximately 6,300 people lives.

President Biden spoke about the natural disaster this morning: “It is still moving across the state today. This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history. The numbers are not yet clear, but we are hearing the first reports of what may be a substantial loss of life.”

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