7 Unmissable Premieres on Streaming Platforms for October

The last Quarter of the Year has Productions that will Leave you Glued to the Armchair. This is our new Guide with the Most Anticipated Releases on Streaming Platforms!.

Still from the productions The Walking Dead, Mr. Harrigan's Telephone and Werewolf by Night

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Although October is the month of terror, several of the premieres that we will see on streaming platforms will also have their share of action, fiction and suspense. This new guide highlights the final season of an epic series, the beginning of others, as well as the typical feature film to enjoy during the weekend. Here we leave you the most anticipated of Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV, Prime Video, Disney + and Star +. Enjoy!

The Walking Dead (October 2 – Star+)

With 11 seasons behind it, one of the best series on television and in the zombie genre is saying goodbye. The producers have assured that it will have a definitive closure and not an open one, so the future of characters like Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel and Aaron could also come to an end. In the last 8 episodes, we will finish seeing what happens in the Commonwealth, the community of survivors under the command of a paramilitary organization called Reapers. Will it have an ending to match?

Mr. Harrigan's Phone (October 5 – Netflix)

Among the many horror productions that Netflix will premiere, this film stands out, as it is based on the novel of the same name written by Stephen King. The plot follows a teenager named Craig who becomes close friends with Mr. Harrigan, doing odd jobs for him. When he dies, the young man leaves a phone in his pocket before the funeral to send him messages and thus maintain the bond, without knowing that he will receive answers from beyond.

Pennyworth (October 6 – HBO Max)

Among the series that cover part of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, "Pennyworth" stands out, which premieres its third season. As many know, the production deals with the beginnings of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler (Batman), when he was a British SAS soldier in the sixties. During the new 10 episodes we will see a jump of five years with respect to the last events. The world has changed to make way for an era with more superheroes and supervillains.

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Werewolf by Night (October 7 – Disney+)

This is the first special presentation of Marvel Studios that will be linked to its famous UCM. Between action, comedy and terror, this story unfolds that follows a group of hunters, who meet in a castle to start a deadly competition to take possession of a powerful relic. However, along the way they will have to overcome some obstacles, among them a quite dangerous monster.

Shantaram (October 14 – Apple TV)

The most anticipated premiere for October on Apple TV is this series based on the homonymous novel by Gregory David Roberts, an Australian writer who recounts part of his life after escaping from prison. That is precisely part of the argument, because the story follows the ex-convict's escape from an Australian prison to India, where he must start from scratch among the poorest neighborhoods in the country. The series has 12 episodes and stars Charlie Hunnam.

The Peripheral (October 21 – Prime Video)

The creators of "Westworld" bring to Prime Video a science fiction series that promises to close the last quarter of the year in style. The plot features Flynne (Chloë Grace Moretz), an intelligent and ambitious young woman condemned to live in a forgotten town and who will face the discord of her family. However, her life will be turned upside down when she comes across a sophisticated device capable of sending his consciousness into an alternate future.

The Angel of Death (October 26 – Netflix)

Netflix continues to release productions related to serial killers. On this occasion, we will see the story from the perspective of Amy Loughren, a nurse and single mother who works extra shifts at the hospital and who also suffers from a heart condition. Despite her problems, she soon meets Charles Cullen, a new male nurse whom she quickly befriends. But everything will change when two detectives arrive at the hospital to follow the trail of a murderer who has killed more than 100 patients.

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