Infographic: Keys To Planning An Ecofriendly Vacation

Here we give you some keys to plan a sustainable vacation, to take care of the planet wherever you are.

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Ecofriendly is a concept that responds to leading a sustainable lifestyle that is respectful or "friendly" with the environment.   Although it is a fashionable term, which many brands are using, it is only a label. Being eco-friendly is about establishing a real commitment to the current situation of deterioration of the planet and the climate change that threatens the world. In this sense, it is a concept that we can take to various aspects of our lives and vacations are no exception.

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Sustainable tourism is not only related to nature or adventure tourism. So if your destination is a beach, mountain or city, you can carry out actions that are aligned with caring for the planet. Here are some tips to do that:

Ecofriendly Vacation

Remember that there are always alternatives to have a more sustainable life. Likewise, taking care of the planet is everyone's responsibility. So if you're prepared, being on vacation can't be an excuse to pollute too much or lose good habits.

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