Japan to use recyclable material in Olympic Games uniforms

Although the Olympics are threatened by Covid19, the Japanese delegation is committed to celebrating them in an environmentally friendly way.

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The organization of the Olympic Games will adopt the measure to contribute positively to the environment. / Photo: Pxhere

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One of the world's greatest powers in manufacturing and care of the planet granted through the company Asics the idea of creating uniforms from recycled material for athletes who will participate in the Olympic games that will take place in Tokyo in the middle of this year.



This was confirmed by the company who for a few months began to ask for donations of sportswear from all citizens. They will use environmental technology and these donations to create new 100% recyclable garments positively impacting the planet.

How will they do it?

The Japanese company in charge of design and manufacturing has recently explained on its social networks and website the process they will use to make the garments. First, the company seeks to collect approximately 30,000 recyclable items that will be contributed by citizens. Then, from each garment the raw material will be removed to make each of the uniforms; for example, the product that will be used the most is polyester fibers that are converted into resin and will later become a fundamental part of manufacturing.



Additionally, the leftover materials from the donations will not be wasted, since they can be processed to become fuel or used in other ways. In addition, the company will be responsible for collecting PET plastic bottles to complete its work.

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Japan proposes ecological and sustainable Olympic games

Not only the textile company has been part of this environmental initiative, but the entire organization of the games has also been in favor of conducting an ecological sports event. For example, gold, silver and bronze medals will be made from recycled materials from disused technological devices.

Organizers are not alone in this initiative, recently the retired Japanese fighter Saori Yoshida is campaigning to collect the necessary materials starting by donating a shirt that she wore at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. The athlete champion of 3 Olympic games and 14 times world champion has been a spokesperson in various media where she has argued: “Through this project, people from all over the country can feel like part of the team, it feels good to do a different contribution to the Games effort ”.

Remember that after the oil industry, textile factories are the ones that pollute the most and do damage to the environment, which is why Japan wanted to focus on sports clothing since it is part of the highest pollution standard.

For its part, the company will seek to make the Japanese more aware of the reuse of recyclable materials with this campaign, so they plan in the long term to use only recycled material to obtain polyester and thus manufacture sportswear and footwear.

The Japanese will have until May 31 to bring all their recycled clothing to contribute and be part of the organization of the Olympic Games in their capital Tokyo, giving an example to everyone about the importance of caring for the planet and the contribution that each of us can do for the environment.



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