Celebrities infected with coronavirus and other news of the week

Here are the most relevant news in the world of entertainment.

Idris Elba, frame from the movie 'Black Widow', Alejandro Sanz.

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As is customary on Fridays, we gather here the five most relevant news from the world of entertainment. The theme of the week, of course, has been the coronavirus. Here they go.

Idris Elba tested positive for Coronavirus

This Monday, March 16, actor Idris Elba, known for his role in the legendary The Wire and in action movies like The Avengers, stated through his networks that he is infected with COVID-19. He also said that he will be in quarantine and taking the necessary measures not to infect his loved ones or anyone else. His state of health is good because he still has no symptoms and he is already taking the necessary measures to take care of himself and others around him.


Kevin Durant: positive for coronavirus

The NBA basketball player confirmed to sports journalist Shams Chararia of The Athletic that he had tested positive for coronavirus. This would be another celebrity more infected with the pandemic virus. Chararia affirms that the basketball player is in good health and stable and that he recommends that we all take care of ourselves and remain in quarantine. Durant would be among three other Brooklyn Nets players who are also confirmed with coronavirus. The identity of the other three is not yet known.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are discharged


Una publicación compartida de(@chethanx) el

In other more positive news, Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, announced through a video posted on his Instagram account that his parents have been discharged from the Golden Coast University Hospital in Australia where they were being treated for testing positive for coronavirus. Now they must remain in quarantine and have no contact with anyone, but apparently they are in good health and stable, already recovered from coronavirus.

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Releases and filmings suspended by COVID-19

According to the Hollywood Reporter, theaters in the United States and Canada report their lowest numbers in terms of sales in history. This absence of the public in movie theaters has been historical and much greater than in other situations such as that of September 11. The public has sheltered itself when the virus reaches their country. On the other hand, in other countries like Colombia, movie theaters have closed their doors to prevent contagion. CineColombia, for example, the largest distributor in this country, closed its doors completely and canceled its functions entirely since last Saturday. The initiative, in other cases, has come from producers such as Marvel, which have canceled premieres scheduled for these days, such as Black Widow.


Online concerts: a new trend


Una publicación compartida de Alejandro Sanz (@alejandrosanz) el

After the cancellation of many concerts and music events, in addition to full tours, the artists have decided to stay home but not stop making music for their fans. So streaming concerts have become a trend in recent days. This was the case of Alejandro Sanz, who streamed for his fans. It was also an initiative of Tiziano Ferro and Laura Pusini as well as reggaeton artist Sech.


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