Seven Tips For A Sustainable Christmas

Here we tell you how to have an ecological and sustainable Christmas .

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Here is a list of ideas that can be useful to have an ecological and sustainable Christmas. Photo: Pexels

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Christmas is one of the most important times in Europe and Latin America. In addition to being a Catholic and Christian tradition that pays homage to the birth of Jesus, it is also a commercial eventuality where consumption is usually excessive.

Obviously, most people love this time of year, as it is characterized by family unity, love, harmony, and peace. Also, gifts, decorations, and food are part of this season. However, it is essential that during these holidays human beings reflect on the climate crisis that the world is facing due to consumerism and begin to change habits that do not imply great sacrifices, but that contribute positively to the current situation of the planet. 

Here is a list of ideas that can be useful to have an ecological and sustainable Christmas:


Christmas decorations are the spitting image of this season. However, it is not necessary to buy new objects every year to decorate the home. The alternative is to do it at home, on the internet, there are many tutorials to learn how to make decorations.

Another option is to reuse old ornaments, painting or lining them to make them look new.


The main factor of Christmas consumption is gifts. Most are made of polluting materials such as plastic. Furthermore, its transport to the points of sale requires considerable energy expenditure. In this case, to give the planet a break, the ideal would be:

– Buy objects that are not disposable and last over time.
– Buy artisan articles in the local store.
– Giving away intangible things like movie or theater tickets.

Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees are made of PVC and have an environmental impact ten times greater than a real tree. However, their production and transportation also require a large polluting process. Ideally, you should make a homemade tree from recycling materials. 

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Christmas food

Dinner on Christmas Eve is a fundamental ritual. However, many households buy more food than is needed to celebrate this date. That is why it is important to:

– Buy local and organic products.
– Prepare food only for the people who will be present.
– Avoid plastic plates and glasses.
– Use cloth napkins instead of paper.
– Use energy reasonably when cooking.

Transportation during the season

Normally on these dates traffic increases in cities and with it, gas emissions into the atmosphere. So it is advisable at Christmas to use public transport, bicycle or walk. This is how the planet is helped in these times.


Try to use led lights to save energy and turn them on only at night. 

Recycle after Christmas

It is common that once the Christmas season is over, many objects such as papers, decorations, toys or old clothes are thrown away. In these cases, it is recommended to give these materials a new use and donate the things that can be of use to other people.

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