Warnings about Climate Change are an old story but not ‘tall story’

For more than a century, the citizens of this planet are neglecting Global Warming.

Person holding a poster protesting climate change.

Person holding a poster protesting climate change. / Photo: Unsplash – Reference Image

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Climate Change as a result of global warming is an issue for many is trite and old, including some, such as the most powerful nation of the world president, United States, and the largest country in South America, Brazil, think It is an invention of scientists who want to weaken world economies to allow Chinese hegemony.

Not a bad joke, well, actually is a lousy joke, since neither Donald Trump nor Jair Bolsonaro have no idea about science, however, they have come to positions similar, of such importance to humanity, without having even remotely the level of consciousness that is required to protect life on our planet.

97% of scientists in the world hold, as a scientifically proven fact that the increase in the average temperature of the earth due to the proliferation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, CO2 or methane, CH4. However, Trump and Bolsonaro consider that only 3% of scientists in the world are right to say that has nothing to do man with the gradual and of our atmosphere that has "driven the climate crazy.".


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But make a pause here and ask yourself if 97% of engineers to ensure that crossing a bridge, it would collapse, would you cross that bridge?, the truth is that I won't, but some world leaders would. In short, we have the leaders we deserve, because they have not been the cause of Climate Change, of course, they contribute, but they are not the cause.

For more than a century the issue of Climate Change has been ringing in the world and the citizens of this planet continue to disregard our obligations to preserve life.

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In 1882, someone wrote a "letter to the director" that caught the attention of Norman Lockyer, English scientist, and astronomer, founder of the most prestigious scientific journal since November 4, 1869, the journal "Nature". In a separate part of his letter reads "the increasing pollution of the atmosphere will have a marked impact on the world's climate" in clear allusion to a reflection of the studies of the Irish physicist Jhon Tyndall who assured without fear of being wrong that the proliferation in the atmosphere of certain gases could heat the earth.

But why did this Irishman talk about this subject with such certainty? Tyndall was the author of an investigation that would eventually be called the Tyndall Effect in his honor. This Irish found that when a light beam passes through a "colloid," very fine particles, for example, dust particles that are suspended in the air, these minute suspended solids deflect light that hits both the Light becomes visible. When there is dust in the air of a room and we open a window or run a curtain, the light enters reflecting in the millions of suspended particles making visible what without them would be invisible, the light.


Una publicación compartida por Programa ONU Medio Ambiente (@unep_es) el

It was discovered in 1859 when Tyndall gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane block infrared radiation from the sun, a situation that does not happen or with oxygen or with nitrogen. Thus, it is considered this country born physicist Clovers, as the discoverer of the Greenhouse is now as well known as the cause of global warming generated by global climate change.

Then in 1912, the American magazine "Popular Mechanics" published a scientific research article entitled "Is our climate changing? The effect of coal combustion on the climate. What do scientists predict?

This article quoted: “The world's boilers are burning 2,000 million tons of coal a year. When this burns, joining oxygen, it adds 7,000 million carbon dioxide to the atmosphere annually. This tends to make the air a more effective blanket for the Earth and raise its temperature. The effect can be considerable in a few centuries. ” Premonitory words

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Premonitory and plagiarized by various media outlets that did not cite its source. A newspaper in New Zealand, the “Rodney and Otamatea Times. Waitemata and Kaipara Gazette ”, (yes, it was called, now called“ Rodney Times ”), published that quote without mentioning its origin in 1912. This newspaper was taken from an Australian newspaper known as“ Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal ”, who in turn took it from a weekly in the same country we know as "The Shoalhaven Telegraph".

But all this only indicates that climate change is an old story, but not 'a tall story ' as you do see the President of the United States and its counterpart, the president of the country in the world with the highest proportion of rainforest, the Amazon jungle.

We know the problem, we also know its causes, however, how long we are interested in solving it?, and the most serious question of all, a question of life or death: When we do, there will be time to correct?

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