What should I do with my e-waste?

Here we tell you how to recycle or reuse this waste correctly

What should I do with my e-waste?

There are many types of waste and to take advantage of them, we must know how to recycle or reuse them correctly. In the case of electronic devices, it is essential to recycle them and separate their components, as some appliances contain pieces with toxic substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

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Here we tell you how they are recycled and what other things you can do with this type of waste.

What is the process?

  • The first thing to do is to identify if the appliance is no longer useful, because if the appliance is still functional you have other options that we will describe below.
  • Once you make sure that the device no longer works, you must identify the waste points for this type of garbage. Usually, in the shopping centers there are points where you can leave your batteries.
  • For larger e-waste such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, among others you can get in touch with organizations certified as e-waste recycler.
    For example, according to the magazine Consumer, a television that is going to be recycled is disarmed and parts like the casing, the screen, among others, are separated. The glass of these devices is usually made of lead and cadmium. This medium highlights that these materials are recycled to be used as "raw material in the porcelain industry".
  • There are other ways to dispose of your old appliances and it is in programs in which you give the manufacturer your used device, often as part of payment, and they give you the new appliance.
  • In the case of dangerous waste, specialized centers contact authorized managers who collect the material and give it the correct treatment.

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What else can I do to reduce e- waste?

Do not buy so much: let's reduce the number of appliances we buy. It is true that every update that hits the market makes our electronic devices look outdated or obsolete. However, the constant change and purchase of electronic devices is counterproductive to the environment.

For this reason, it is important that you consider whether it is really necessary to buy the last cellphone that came out or if the one you have is still functional. Additionally, when buying a new appliance, keep in mind what materials it was made with and if it has an ecological design. It is possible that the price is higher, but the planet will thank you.

Sell ​​it or donate it: there are many appliances in good condition that we discard because we have a new one and we do not know what to do with the old one. In this case, it is advisable to donate or sell devices that are in good condition, but that you are not going to use.

On the internet, there are different platforms for buying used items, such as Amazon, where you can offer these items. If on the other hand, you do not want to sell and you prefer to donate, you can find foundations in which they receive computers and televisions to facilitate and contribute to the work of this type of organization. Another option is that you inherit those appliances to friends or family members who can take advantage of them.


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