Three countries where being a mom is ideal

Norway, Finland, and Uruguay are some of the ideal countries for moms. In LatinAmerican Post we tell you why

Three countries where being a mom is ideal

Norway, the most developed country in the world

Security, economic and labor stability, but, above all, a better quality of life, maybe some of the things that women seek among their projects to become a mother. A country to achieve these goals is Norway, which in 2017, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), was listed as the most developed country on the planet. For example, according to Infobae, Norway, it has the sixth best per capita income in the world with about $ 68,430.

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"Norway is a very egalitarian country, with a lot of gender, salary and social equity, which increases the feeling of being part of the same boat and of working for collective purposes." Public services are very good, which makes it easier for people to be willing to pay taxes and contribute. People do not have to pay to go to the hospital or the university, but everything is paid through taxes. We also have a very redistributive tax system, which distributes from the rich to the most needed", Tom Christensen, professor of political science at the University of Oslo, told Infobae.

As for the quality of life, an example is a harmony that exists between Norwegians where they help each other to paint their houses. In addition, your pension system, the equality that exists in access to all public services and economic support to the unemployed, makes Norway an ideal country if you are thinking of being a mother.

Another important fact, says ABC of Spain, is that in Norway life expectancy is 81 years, which is good news if you want to have a child in this country.

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Finland, an ideal country to have your baby

What would happen if you had a baby in Finland? If you are already nationalized, when your baby is born, the State will provide you a box that, in addition to functioning as a cradle, brings clothes, blankets, cloth diapers and sleeping bags that your baby will be able to use during their first days of birth.

But that is not everything. Your baby will have special health care on a monthly basis with a nurse delegated by the State, who will come to your home if you wish to acquire the benefit.

In Finland, they will provide you 100 euros per month as an aid to support your baby, until he turns 17. If you have two, the number of money increases. Education will be free and with a plus, being the best in the world. This is how Traveler from Spain reviews it.

Uruguay, the best thing to be a mom in Latin America

This country is a leader in progressive policies that include not only the recognition of diversity from the State, but there are specialized places near public universities where they will take care of your child while studying for free, says El País de Uruguay.

According to the BBC in London, Uruguay has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world "with 1 in every 3,500 women at risk of dying from complications due to a part of pregnancy." In 2017, the American firm Mercer, after conducting a quality of life study in several cities around the world, determined that Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is the best. The assessment was positive in terms of safety, air quality and access to public services highlight El Observador de Uruguay.

However, the best thing you can do, if you have not already done so, is to go to Norway, Finland or Uruguay and discover on your own what they are, so that you can decide more safely if it is what you are looking for in a country. have your child in the future.


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Translated from: "¿Cuáles son los tres países ideales para ser mamá?"

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