Follow This Routine To Have an Extra Productive Day

Your day will largely depend on your first ten minutes since in them you are tuning your mind with the emotional and cognitive state that you are going to "start".

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If you are one of those who start by postponing the alarm, it will be more difficult for you to maintain motivation not to fall into the postponement of other tasks because you already activated the "I'll do it later" mode and sent your brain the ready message to go into procrastination (chronically postpone) and this takes you from guilt to anger and sadness, three undesirable emotions for a day when you need to go out to conquer the world.

To solve it, design your morning routine in a more winning way:

-Plan your day with anticipation and answer the following questions: How do I want to feel? What do I want to convey with my outfit?

-How many hours of sleep do I need? Remember that a minimum adult brain requires seven hours, a maximum of eight, therefore, if what you are planning is to hibernate this will not help you much in achieving your goals. Set a single alarm and get up with a winning step.

-Drink a glass of water when you wake up, your body dehydrates at night. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water to be more energetic.

-Define the intention of your day: What do you want to achieve on this wonderful new day? It does not have to be to climb Everest, although if you want there is no limit. But, how about being kinder, focusing on that task that challenges you, or actively participating in the meeting that intimidates you. Everything counts and helps you grow.


-Activate your purpose. How are you contributing to the world with what you do? And this applies whether you are a mother raising your children or if you are an entrepreneur or a professional. Being clear about the impact we have with our actions helps us get started.

-Meditate, pray, breathe. Take a break to enjoy the balance that the present moment generates, just by practicing mindfulness exercises for five to ten minutes you can enjoy the benefits during the day. Just as you cleanse your body when you shower, having a space for contemplation also frees your mind of cognitive garbage and helps you be more effective.

-Tidy up your room. If you want to change the world you have to start by having control of what surrounds you, what you think, and how you relate to people until you have an impact on society. Hence, simple actions such as having an organized space are so important.

-Defeat the dragons early. Start your day doing the most demanding task with this you achieve two things: Feel like a winner by having advanced and optimizing the moment of greatest energy in your body to advance.

As once having a productive day has much more to do with small micro-steps that allow you to move forward and become part of your habits than with giant actions that only work from time to time. Bet on yourself, for being a version in continuous improvement and go making small adjustments in your life, and one of these days you will be surprised to see the changes you have managed to achieve.

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