Gallery: Which Are the Countries that Spent More Time on the Internet per Day?

Waste of time or hyperconnectivity? 3 of the 5 countries in which the population spends more time on the Internet per day are Latin American.

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According to a study carried out by Hootsuite, 3 of the 5 countries that spend the most time on the Internet per day are Latin American countries. Additionally, all those that are part of the ranking are developing countries, which shows the good internet access at its territories.

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According to Hoorsuite's 2022 Statshot, there are 5 billion internet users. This represents 63% of the total population. Likewise, it means 4.1% more compared to the previous survey. That is, 196 million difference.

Despite the fact that countries in the global south spend the most time online, adoption of web use gains in Northern Europe (98%), Western Europe (94%), North America (93%), %), Southern Europe (87%) and Eastern Europe (86%). South America only reaches 78%, Southeast Asia remains with 73% and South Africa with 68%. The regions of the world with the lowest internet adoption are the Asian subcontinent (46%), West Africa (43%), East Africa (26%) and Central Africa (25%).

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