Gray Hair Is Here To Stay or the Breaking of Stereotypes

We have seen how it has become fashionable to use gray hair naturally in women's hair for a few years. It became a trend, and to this day, it is clear that gray hair is here to stay!

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Gray hair can begin to appear in youth, due to genetic and hereditary issues, not necessarily due to the arrival of adult years or old age. Until recently, it was a matter of concern and aesthetic attention, using all kinds of products to darken and hide them.

The interesting thing about this social phenomenon is that, deep down, it represents a break with one of the many stereotypes attributed to women. When gray hair appears in men, it is considered a symbol of maturity. Meanwhile, in women, it is attributed to old age, carelessness, forcing the use of cosmetic products to keep hair permanently dyed.

It is a relief for many to wear their hair naturally, with the appearance of gray hair, whether they are young or mature women, and this is not necessarily socially crossed out or constitutes generating feelings of shame.

Advertising campaigns reinforce stereotypes: Mannequins in stores and brands that want to impose their products so that the social impact they cause is powerful. But sometimes, they have generated harmful effects on women's physical and emotional health. From a young age, women are led to comply with established and culturally accepted laws.

This has led to the non-acceptance of their bodies, dissatisfaction with their status, appearance, and physical characteristics that trigger emotional crises. Consequently, they adopt harmful eating habits, leading to cases of anorexia or bulimia. They also become insanely attached to social networks or web pages that offer solutions to their alleged problems in search of an outlet for those traumas caused by imposed stereotypes.


Fortunately, little by little, an awakening has been made in these issues, and now women advocate for their right to identity, to experience their aging processes naturally.

We have recently seen how leading actresses and women in politics and society at an international level now wear cuts and hairstyles, showing off their gray hair with pride. Beauty professionals have arranged a process called gray blending as an option to look beautiful with an aesthetic touch that does not involve hiding the appearance of that platinum hair.

On the other hand, brands have responded to this social clamor. Now they choose their models, photographs and design their campaigns with a clear orientation towards showing images of natural women of all ethnic groups, physical conformations, and cultures, highlighting their beauty and significance.

In such a way that if you are a woman whose gray hairs are appearing, allow yourself to show them off. Or, if you are already in middle age and decide now to leave the dyes and start the process of feeling naturally beautiful with your platinum hair, you can encourage yourself to do so. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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