Infographic: Everything that is known about the peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the ELN

The government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro has already begun the dialogue process with the largest guerrilla in the Andean country. This is all that is known so far

ELN members

Photo: ELN

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Since the presidential campaign, Gustavo Petro reported that his intentions as soon as he arrived at the Casa de Nariño were to restart the peace talks. This under its “total peace” defense program, which would seek to initiate a rapprochement of dialogues with different illegal armed groups in the Andean country.

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So far, certain aspects of what the Colombian government and the guerrilla group the National Liberation Army ELN have agreed to prior to the start of the talks are already known.

Peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the ELN

This will be the first peace negotiation in Colombia with a leftist president. According to Canal Capital, as of 2021, Colombia has made 12 attempts at peace talks with various armed groups in history.

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