Israel: Beyond a Jewish state

The country is not only located in a geographical location that is hostile to it, it is also located -using the Zionist cause- in the centers of financial importance to supervise its survival

Israel: Beyond a Jewish state




Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. And beyond its incidence as a country, and as a relevant actor of the existing tension in the Middle East, Israel can be seen as the symbol of a controlled global power. A global power that bases its strategy on minority groups of Jewish origin, who form an "orderly and under the same principles" structure that controls the industrial, technological, military, financial and media networks of the planet, according to the president of Republicans Abroad in Spain, James Levy.

Israel has a population of not more than ten million inhabitants and is one of the smallest countries in the territory. However, it has an influence that affects governments, countries, productive economic systems, central banks, financial centers, nuclear arsenals and industrial military complexes around the world. And although it seems an exaggeration, it is enough to see the directory of the 50 largest companies in the world and the most powerful banks, and the common factor is that the most important management positions are controlled by people of Jewish origin.

These executives become like that, for the American case, in the sector that makes the biggest lobby: the Zionist lobby. This group supports and legitimizes the existence of Israel, not only as a state surrounded by Arab countries in the Middle East, but as an exporting country of human capital and a center of global innovation. The defense, agribusiness and financial sectors score as global innovators according to the most recent publications of GPS World, the University of Haifa, Technion and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the latter leading the publications and patents on the subject.

The political agenda defined by Jews

This pressure lobby, which not only acts in the private sector but also in the government, is also credited with the permanent strategic objective of imposing the military agenda and the political and geopolitical interests of the government and the State of Israel in US foreign policy, said Levy. In addition, Levy said that this lobby influences decisions that concern not only the region but other geographical locations.

In the case of the United States, which is the place where the notoriety of the issue is relevant, the pro-Israel lobby works on all levels of US institutional power: White House, Congress, Pentagon, State Department, CIA and intelligence community agencies, among the most important. This information is verifiable when looking at the contractual groups that have the greatest ties with the US government, as well as the origins of people with a good working status. The result: the Jewish population managed to intrude deeply IGNORE INTO the most deprived power circles of the US political agenda.

The financial sector as a central weapon

Actually, the muscle of the pro-Israeli lobby is in its financial power, because through this it exerts direct influence on the internal and external policy of the United States. In addition, it is the leader of the most important groups who decide the financing of the political parties, of the candidates, whether local or federal and even presidential. Also its center of power is located in the most important financial center: New York. The banks, in which the Jews dominate in managerial and managerial positions, have their center of operation in Wall Street, as well as in the most relevant countries of the financial sector: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico.

Under this idea of ​​economic power, the Jews have managed to benefit the Israeli state by giving it muscle in areas where not only force is important, even in a region where hostility is daily.

Latin American Post | Carlos Eduardo Gómez Avella

Translated from "Israel: más allá de un Estado judío"

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