Joe Biden takes over as president and Honduras reaffirms its ban on abortion

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Joe Biden in office as President

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Joe Biden arrives at the White House

Democrat Joe Biden took office on January 20 as the new president of the United States. The democrat will hold office for the next 4 years and will represent a much more moderate and progressive policy than that of his predecessor.

Biden, who will be the 46th president, announced from his first week, various changes in reference to immigration policy and the inclusion of the Latino community.

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A shipwreck leaves more than 40 migrants missing in the Mediterranean

According to 10 migrants who were traveling on a ship trying to reach Europe, it was wrecked off the coast of Libya. The survivors assured the humanitarian groups that 53 people were transported on the ship, so the search for the other 43 began.

The nationality of the missing is still unknown, but the group of 10 survivors, from Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, and the Ivory Coast, confirmed that their companions also came from West Africa.

United States: mandatory quarantine for travelers

According to the White House, President Biden signed several decrees aimed at reducing the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus in the country. Any traveler arriving in North America must have done a test prior to boarding the plane and quarantine (without specifying the time) as soon as they arrive.  

Additionally, the use of masks on planes and trains within the national territory will be mandatory. In the United States alone, in a year there are more than 405 thousand deaths related to COVID, being the number one in absolute deaths in the world.

Honduran Congress approves a bill that prohibits abortion.

Last Thursday, the Honduran legislature approved a bill that seeks to absolutely prohibit the voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Parliament did not announce how many of its 128 deputies voted in favor amid the virtual sessions that are held in the country due to the pandemic.

In Honduras, abortion has already been penalized since 1977 and all initiatives that seek to allow the interruption of pregnancy, whether due to rape, risk of the mother's life or any other reason, have failed.

The UN recalls that Honduras is one of the few countries in the world that prohibits abortion in all circumstances, including in cases of rape or incest, when the life or health of pregnant women is in danger, as well as in cases of severe malformation of the fetus.

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