Latin America in Short: Environmental Crimes and a New Attack in Colombia

There has been a new attack in Colombia and the list of the most wanted for environmental crimes has been published. These and other local and global news this week summarized and explained here.

Deforestetion and attack in Granada, Meta

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This week former President Trump was accused of taking files from the White House at the end of his term. Regarding health issues, cases of COVID-19 have dropped this week, but the number of deaths has risen. In Colombia, a list with the most wanted for environmental crimes has been published. In addition, there has been a new attack in Colombia, this time in the department of Meta.

Trump is accused of taking files from the White House

According to The Washington Post, the United States National Archives agency suspects that Donald Trump may have taken classified documents to his private residence after his term ended in 2021. It is for this very reason that the agency, in charge of preserving the presidential documents, asked the Department of Justice to investigate the Republican.

The newspaper assures that within the documents there were from letters from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the note left to Trump by his predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama, on his last day in the Oval Office.

Attack in Colombia leaves 2 dead

A bomb attack against the headquarters of a Colombian Army battalion perpetrated on Wednesday afternoon left two dead and five wounded. The attack was perpetrated with a motorcycle full of explosives located near the 21st Infantry Battalion, in Granada, department of Meta.

According to official information, among the fatalities would be a soldier and one of the attackers. The Colombian army assures that the FARC dissident rebel group, which operates in the area, along with other irregular groups, would be behind the attack.

COVID-19 cases fall, death numbers increase

The most recent epidemiological report from the World Health Organization (WHO) reflects that reported cases of COVID-19 fell by 17% during the last week compared to the previous one. Likewise, a 7% increase in deaths is shown, also compared to the previous week.

The report also shows that all known variants before the Omicron have been in decline. 96.7% of the cases in the last month respond to this variant. In addition, the data shows that in countries where the variant was detected at an early stage, a reduction in COVID-19 cases has been reported.

Poster of the most wanted for environmental crimes in Colombia

The Colombian authorities published a poster with the most wanted people for environmental crimes in Colombia. It contains the faces of 17 people presumably belonging to the Miller Perdomo group of the Farc dissidents. Diego Molano, Minister of Defense of Colombia, assured that in recent days these people have sought “First, to destroy the forest to grab land; and second, to develop illegal extensive ranching actions in order to use resources and launder money in that area.” The minister also announced a reward of up to 300 million pesos, in addition to the launch of an operation with 400 men from the military forces.

The Colombian National Team fell three places in the FIFA ranking

The Colombian National Team is going through a terrible time. Not only did its chances of going to the World Cup in Qatar disappear, but it is losing prestige at the international level. This is demonstrated by the ranking of FIFA teams, in which the team dropped 3 positions, to be 19th in the world. The Colombian National Team hasn’t won or scored a goal, it’s been 7 games, so this new ranking is more than justified.

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