Latin America in Short: Extraditions to Chavista Figures and Luis Díaz in the Sights of Newcastle

This week there has been more talk about the possibility of extraditions to Chavista figures and it is official that the Colombian footballer Luis Díaz is in the sights of Newcastle United. This and more news of the week gathered here .

Alex Saab and Luis Diaz

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photo: Alex Saab, IG-luisdiaz19_

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This week we learned that Luis Díaz is in the sights of Newcastle United, which is good news for Colombian soccer fans. In terms of politics, there is more and more talk about the possibilities of extraditions of Chavismo figures at the same time that a former FARC combatant is temporarily detained. Regarding the environment, documents were leaked showing the lobby of some countries at the UN; but on the other hand, the Eartshot awards were given, which are awarded to organizations that fight against climate change and in favor of caring for the environment.


Former FARC guerrilla temporarily detained

Alias Rodrigo Granda had a setback while attending a congress in Mexico. Upon arriving in the Aztec country, he was detained in migration and had to sign a waiver of entry into Mexican territory. The ex-guerrilla, submitted to the peace agreement signed between the rebel group and the Government, assured that he had permission from the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). According to the Colombian Defense Minister, Granda's immigration or legal problems are due to an arrest warrant requested from Interpol by Paraguay, in the case of the kidnapping and murder of Cecilia Cubas Gusinky, who appeared dead in 2005.


Spain approves extradition of Chavista figure to the United States

Alex Saab seems not to be the only ex-ally of Chavismo who could end up in a United States jail soon. The Spanish National Court ordered the delivery of Hugo Armando "El Pollo" Carvajal, former head of Venezuela's counterintelligence to Washington. The North American justice requests him to answer for the crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with terrorism.


Documents are leaked that account for the lobby of nations to change reports on climate change

This Thursday the BBC reported a leak of documents that reveals the lobby made to the UN by some countries for changes to be made in a very important report on climate change for COP26. According to the BBC, some of the countries on this list are Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia and Japan and they are basically lobbying for the UN not to insist on promoting a radical cut in fossil fuels.

This leak not only puts the countries that committed this offense in the eye of the hurricane, but also the COP26 itself, since it has already been pointed out several times this year for having alliances of different kinds with polluting industries, especially with industry. oil company. It should be noted that the report will be of vital importance in making decisions regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases worldwide.


These are the winners of the first edition of the Eartshot award

The Eartshot Prize is a new environmental award promoted by Prince William of Cambridge and scientific popularizer David Attenborough. Initially it is contemplated that the award will be delivered by The Royal Foundation between 2021 and 2030. The award has five categories and each one delivers to its winner 1 million pounds sterling. In this first edition, the winners were the following: in the category "Protect and restore nature", the country of Costa Rica won for its efforts to restore the nation's forests.

In the "Clean the air" category, the award went to the technology company Takachar, which has worked on agricultural technology that takes care of the air. Coral Vita, a project of coral farms for its restoration, won the award in the category “Reviving the oceans”. For its part, the city of Milan won the award in the category "Create a world without waste" for the Food Waste Hubs project that collects and recovers and redistributes unused food. Finally, AEM Electrolyser earned the distinction of "Regaining the Climate" for its innovation in renewable energy technology.


Newcastle United is behind Luis Díaz

Colombian Luis Díaz would be on Newcastle United's radar. The guajiro, who is going through one of the best moments of his career, thanks to his performances at Porto and with the Colombian National Team, could end up in the richest team in the world. The offer prepared for him by Newcastle United would be 80 million euros. Recall that Newcastle now belongs to the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, which makes it possible for them to sign almost any player in world football.

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