Latin America in Short: Honduras With New President and Luis Díaz Goes to England

Honduras has a new president this week. In sports, Luis Díaz goes to England. This and more are explained and summarized here.

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya and Luis Díaz

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This week Latin American and global politics have moved. On the one hand, Honduras has a new president, Xiomara Castro. On the other, a coup takes place in the African nation Burkina Faso. Regarding the environment, today, World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions, experts warn about the melting of the Thwaites iceberg. Finally, in sports, Luis Díaz goes to England, as he studies proposals from English teams.

Honduras: Xiomara Castro takes office as president

The 62-year-old politician made history this Thursday when she took office as the first woman president of Honduras. However, the president has already had to overcome the first internal crisis since before her inauguration ceremony, when within Congress, the Libre party (official) showed internal division, which created an alternate legislative presidency. However, since Thursday, it seemed that the crisis calmed down and the internal disputes seem to have been resolved.

Castro will have to take on a country with difficult security problems, a migration crisis, and alarming poverty after the pandemic. However, she has the support of various sectors and different governments, such as the United States.

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Burkina Faso amid chaos over coup

Earlier this week, 64-year-old President Kaboré announced on national television his resignation as Colonel Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba and his troops seized power.

Kaboré, who governed this African nation since 2015, had to resign after rebel troops took over the estates and the dissolution of parliament and the constitution. According to the rebel forces, the takeover is due to an intention to attack the jihadism present in the country and that the ousted president has failed to combat. According to the latest information, Kaboré has been in prison since Monday morning.

On Saturday, the president had already faced a series of unauthorized protests in which they demanded that he combat more severely the insecurity generated by terrorism, which has left (since 2015) more than 1.5 million internally displaced persons.

The “the final judgment” iceberg is melting

The Thwaites iceberg, located in western Antarctica, is the size of the UK and is gradually melting due to climate change. This alerts experts, as it is one of the largest glaciers in existence and its melting can end in a climate catastrophe by potentially raising sea levels. In fact, this iceberg is nicknamed “the final judgment” because of the catastrophic consequences it represents.

According to glaciologist Knut Christianson, the melting of Thwaites has been going on for decades and may continue for many more, so it is a slow process, but in the midst of this loss the rest of the Antarctic ice is destabilizing. Studies have shown that the main responsible for this disaster are the currents of hot water derived from global warming.

Today marks the World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Every January 28, the UN invites people to celebrate the World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions in order to raise awareness about the consequences of climate change in human life. In addition, the date is intended for nations to consider and develop policies to reduce emissions and promote environmental care at the micro and macro levels.

As a result of this, the objective of industries and nations around the world is to be climate neutral, that is, to achieve net zero emissions of greenhouse gases. The European Union, for example, aspires to achieve this goal by 2050 by aligning itself with the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

But for environmental activists around the world, the measures that have been taken are not drastic enough to stop climate change and the environmental and social impact that this problem is already having.

Luis Díaz will go to the Premier League

The most talented Colombian striker at the moment, Luis Díaz, could end his days in Porto. Supposedly prestigious clubs like Liverpool, Newcastle United and even Manchester United would be interested. Although Tottenham also presented him with a formal proposal of 45 million euros, he did not finish convincing Díaz. It is expected that in the coming weeks we will have more details about the future of the player, who would become the most important representative of Colombia in England.

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