Latin America in Short: New Wave of COVID-19 in Europe and Chile Does Not Remove Piñera

In Europe, a new wave of COVID-19 alarms the population. In Chile, Piñera is victorious and without dismissal. Here is a summary of the news of the week .

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This week Europe has panicked over a new wave of COVID-19. For its part, Chile has not removed its president in Congress. COP26 has ended and the United States and China reached an agreement to curb climate change. On the other hand, COVID-19 also affects non-human animals. Finally, in sports, the referee of the Colombia-Brazil limiting match has been sanctioned. All these news summarized and explained here, in our weekly summary.

Piñera emerges victorious from investigations in Congress

The Chilean opposition did not obtain the necessary votes to remove the president, Sebastián Piñera, for alleged business of the president in tax havens. This past November 16, the ruling party entrenched itself and prevented the proposal from passing in the Senate, which left the proposal with only 24 of the 29 necessary votes.

Had he lost, Piñera would have to be removed from office and the country would have entered a transition period at the hands of Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado, until parliament voted for a new head of state. However, this initiative, which had a minority from the beginning, was also an element to reduce the already battered government party ahead of a presidential election on November 21, in which the winner will take office on March 11.

Europe panics over new wave of COVID-19

As winter approaches, several European countries are experiencing a considerable increase in cases of coronavirus infections. Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have stepped up measures against unvaccinated people, but the results appear to be bleak.

There are already regions in Austria that will re-implement quarantines for the entire population, just a week after the entire country has taken the unvaccinated off the streets in non-essential cases. Germany, for its part, is reaching record levels of infections and saturation of the health system.

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China and the United States agree to cooperate to curb climate change

Last week COP26 ended. One of the most important events on the agenda was the negotiation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this framework, China and the United States, the two most carbon dioxide generating countries, agreed that they would intensify their efforts and cooperation together to mitigate climate change.

Within the agreement, the two countries with the largest world market made the decision to share technology to reduce emissions. Likewise, the powers will meet continuously to review progress on the issue.

Three snow leopards die from Coronavirus

On November 12, the Lincoln Children's Zoo announced the death of three snow leopards from Coronavirus. The animals tested positive for COVID-19 in October, but it should be noted that those who died are not the only ones who contracted the disease. Both Sumatran triggers and snow leopards have the disease. Despite the best efforts of the zoo's veterinarians, these three specimens did not survive.

So far it is known that some animals, such as dogs and cats, can contract the Alpha variant of the virus and that they can be infected through contact with humans but, so far, it is not known if humans can be infected by having contact with an infected animal.

The referee of the Colombia-Brazil match is sanctioned

Roberto Tobar, the Chilean referee who called the knockout match between Colombia and Brazil, was sanctioned by CONMEBOL. Tobar was suspended for "indefinite time" from competitions organized by CONMEBOL. The reason given by the entity was that Tobar "made serious and manifest errors in the disciplinary conduct of the party." The statement mentions by name the unsportsmanlike conduct of Neymar Jr on two occasions, as well as an illegal use of the arm by Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

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