Latin America in Short: protests ceased on Ecuador | Tropical Cyclone Warning in the Caribbean

This week protests ceased on Ecuador. While the social crisis is happening in the Andean country, the Caribbean countries are on alarm due to a tropical cyclone. This and more summarized here.

Protests in Ecuador and cyclone hits the bay

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This week protests ceased on Ecuador. In global news, tension is growing between Russia and NATO. The WHO, for its part, has ruled on the decision of the United States Supreme Court. In Latin America, the Caribbean countries face alarm over a possible tropical cyclone. Finally, in sports, Camila Osorio withdraws from Wimbledon. The most relevant news of the week summarized and explained here.

Tension grows between Russia and NATO over accession of Finland and Sweden

With the possible entry of Finland and Sweden into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Russia warns that “If they deploy contingents and military infrastructure there, we will have to respond symmetrically and create the same threats for the territories from which they threaten us. ”,

Despite the threat from Moscow to NATO, the discourse shown by the Kremlin seems to be much less bellicose than the position that Russia showed in the peace negotiations in Ukraine. At that time, Putin set as a basic condition that NATO return to its pre-1997 borders, which meant the departure of Poland, the Baltic countries, Romania and the non-acceptance of any new candidate. However, with the inclusion of the two northern European countries, NATO will expand its land and sea border with Russia and will come within easy reach of St. Petersburg, the Slavic nation's second-largest city.

Protests cease in Ecuador after agreements between indigenous people and government

After 18 days of strike and protests, the indigineous leaders who had promoted the mobilizations signed and agreement with the government this Thursday. The Goverment of Guillermo Lasso partially committed to comply with soe of the demands of the communities that promoted the protests that began with the rise in fuel prices but that are a reflection of the dessatisfation with the economic situation and the inflation that exists in the country.

The agreement happened thanks to the mediation of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, which maintained direct communication with both parties.

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WHO rejects abortion ban

This Wednesday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyessus, director of the World Health Organization WHO spoke out to reject the decision on "Roe v. Wade" made by the Supreme Court in the United States, which endangers legal abortion in several states of this country. . "I want to reaffirm the position of the WHO. All women should be able to decide about their bodies and health. Full stop. Safe abortion is part of health care." In fact, the WHO estimates that there are around 39,000 deaths a year for clandestine abortions.

The Caribbean on alert for the arrival of a tropical cyclone

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the United States has warned that Hurricane Bonnie is approaching, through the Atlantic, towards the Colombian and Venezuelan Caribbean coast. It will also affect the southern United States and the Mexican coast. Tropical Cyclone Two, which will cause this natural phenomenon, has temporarily closed several National Natural Parks in Colombia. It will apply to the National Natural Parks: Tayrona, Corales del Rosario, Macuira, Los Colorados Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary and the Isla de Salamanca Parkway.

Maria Camila Osorio has withdrawn from Wimbledon

Colombian tennis player Maria Camila Osorio had to withdraw from Wimbledon after a muscle problem caused by a fall. The Colombian was unable to complete even her first match against Belgian tennis player Elise Mertens. The final score of the match was 6-1, 2-6 and 4-2. The hopes of Colombian tennis for this match fall on Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah who advanced to the second round in doubles. Daniel Galán, meanwhile, advanced to the third round thanks to a stroke of luck, as his second-round rival, Spaniard Bautista Agut, tested positive for COVID-19.

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