Latin America in Short: Russia’s Attack on Ukraine | Cryptocurrencies plummet

This week, without a doubt, the most relevant news has been Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Here is the summary of the news and its implications for the economy and sports.

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Russia’s attack on Ukraine has had consequences in all areas. In the economy, cryptocurrencies crash; and in sports, the Champions League final must change venue. These and other news summarized here.

World alert for Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Early Thursday in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed the world of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The attacks have left 58 people dead so far. According to the Kremlin’s speech, this is a “special military operation” by Russian forces with the intention of “protecting people who have been subjected to abuse and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years” in the region. of the Donbass. This comes just after the Russian government recognized the Ukrainian regions of Donbass and Lugansk as independent republics.

The entire West expressed its voice of protest against the Russian action and asked Moscow to withdraw its troops from the area. However, US President Joe Biden has assured that he will not send troops to Ukraine to fight Russian troops.

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Cryptocurrencies collapse due to crisis in Ukraine

Due to the critical situation in Ukraine, after the Russian invasion, the prices of various cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, plummeted. The value of this last electronic currency fell more than 9%, and reached 34,800 dollars, while Ethereum lost 12% of its heat (a total 20% less in recent days), with which it was valued at 3,200 Dollars.

In this way, the fluctuating characteristics of cryptocurrencies and the instability that they represent in times of high tension are reaffirmed. This, compared to gold, which due to the war in Ukraine, increased its price by 2% and is selling for almost 2,000 dollars per ounce.

Plastic production has doubled in the last two decades: OECD

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently published the report “Plastic World Outlook: Economic Drivers, Environmental Impacts and Policy Options”, in which it reported that the annual production and waste of plastic has increased considerably in the last two decades. More specifically, between 2000 and 2019 this doubled, only 9% of the plastic was recycled, 19% was incinerated and the rest ended up in both illegal and controlled landfills.

The environment and the most vulnerable communities are the first affected by this fact. In 2019, the production and disposal of this material produces 3.4% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Likewise, the report shows that the policies that have been activated in the countries belonging to the organization are not entirely effective, since, for example, 120 are the countries that prohibit single-use plastic, but only apply it to bags. plastic market. The OECD drew attention to this fact and demanded that there be effective policies.

The mask is no longer mandatory in public spaces in Colombia

Since last February 23, Colombians will not have to wear a mask in public spaces in the municipalities where 70% of the population of the vaccination scheme has been reached. The news was given by President Iván Duque, who assured that this was the recommendation of the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. Duque assured that this serves as an incentive for vaccination to advance faster.

The authorities have insisted that this does not mean the end of the pandemic, but rather one more step to return to normality, so self-care will continue to be very important and necessary. Likewise, carrying the vaccination card with the complete schedule (without the booster vaccine) will continue to be mandatory to participate in public events.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine forces the Champions League final to be moved

The grand final of the UEFA Champions League is scheduled for May 28 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. However, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this venue would be practically ruled out. The new venue will be, then,  Saint-Denise’s Stade de France. In Ukraine, professional football at all levels has been suspended. “We remain steadfast in our solidarity with the Ukrainian football community and are ready to extend our hand to the Ukrainian people,” UEFA said in a statement.

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