Latin America in Short: Terrorist Attack in Colombia and Omicron Variant Expands

This week terrorist attack in Colombia leaves three dead. On the other hand, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus continues to spread. These and other news summarized here .

Attack in Cúcuta and image of the virus

These were the most relevant news of the week. Photo: AP, Pixabay

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A terrorist attack in Colombia leaves three dead, Europe fears for the Omicron variant, the highest temperatures are recorded in Antarctica and Sergio Agüero announces his retirement from football. The most relevant news of the week summarized here.

Terrorist attack in Colombia leaves 3 dead

An attack with explosives in the city of Cúcuta, on the border with Venezuela, rekindles the ghosts of the conflict in Colombia. A conflict that never went away and that today, more than before, seems to be haunting not only the countryside and rural areas, but also large urban centers.

The explosion occurred on the edge of the Camilo Daza airport and left 2 policemen and a civilian dead. The latter, apparently, could be involved with the fact. The Colombian government is investigating whether the attack is linked to FARC dissidents or members of the ELN, since both groups operate in the area.

Europe fears for the Omicron variant

The United Kingdom breaks the record for infections and is associated with the arrival of the new variant of COVID-19 in Europe. In addition, this same week, the first death from contagion with this new mutation was confirmed in the British country, as confirmed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This added to the increase in cases in several countries that has been experienced with the arrival of winter and the festivities unleashed. For its part, France has already taken measures with travelers from the British Isles, given the increase in cases and limited the entry and exit of flights to and from the United Kingdom.

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The highest temperatures in history are recorded in Antarctica

Recently, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) confirmed that the highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was experienced on June 20, 2020. During the prolonged heat wave that occurred in the summer of that year, that day 38 ° C were reached in the town of Verkhoyansk, Siberia. Likewise, the WHO assures that in that summer the average marks of Siberia exceeded the normal temperatures increasing up to 10 ° C. As a consequence, there were forest fires and, of course, melting sea ice.

As a result, Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary General, reaffirmed the need to pay attention to the signals that planet Earth is giving us more and more often and the danger posed by global warming.

Sergio Agüero announced his retirement from football

Last Wednesday Sergio Agüero announced his retirement from soccer. The Argentine summoned a press conference that was attended by Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona. In his professional career, El Kun played for Independiente, Atlético Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona. He won the 2005 and 2007 U-20 World Cups with Argentina, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in minor divisions and the 2021 America's Cup with the senior team. “It is a very hard moment, but I am still very happy. The first thing is my health ”explained the player in the conference. "It is time to be happy outside of football and enjoy the things that footballers miss." concluded.

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