Latin American Women in Democratic Participation

The active involvement of citizens in public decision-making processes is a trend that is gaining strength every day, thus building modern states focused on strengthening democracy that facilitates dialogue and equal participation.

The Woman Post | Margarita Briceño

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In Latin America, there has been a considerable increase in the innovation of policies led by women, becoming agents of change and inclusion in the field of innovation, through projects that contribute to the strengthening of peace and democracy.

Ana María Quiroz, director of MiLAB, the first Govtech public innovation laboratory operated by Innpulsa Colombia, generates solutions connecting governments with Startups and SMEs that use data intelligence, digital technologies, and innovative methodologies, to provide products and services that solve public problems. “It seeks to promote public innovation, but above all, that relationship between the Government and an actor as dynamic as entrepreneurs, to be understood as an innovation process and a democratic process…for this we work from two fronts, the first is to bring the public servants to innovation tools that allow them to rapidly adopt exponential technologies with which they can meet the institutional challenges of digital information that we have as a Government and second, accompanying throughout a technical and technological process the Govtech solutions that the country has to connect them with the challenges of the public side.”


For her part, Antonella Perini, from the Organization of Southern Affairs, Argentina, and coordinator of Colabora Lat, has been working on innovation “as a project through which it seeks to study the governance models of public policies and social initiatives that they were implemented in response to the pandemic and specifically to know what was the impact of these on the vulnerable populations." This work from several Latin American countries (Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Guatemala), focuses on vulnerable populations and the impact of collaborative processes on them.

Alejandra Fierro Valbuena, director of ProcuraLAB, public innovation laboratory of the Attorney General's Office, Colombia, talks about the area of ​​innovation in order to reach the public by transmitting a message of service “we applied an experiment within the officials of the Attorney's Office and we use a tool to generate empathy in order to prevent attitudes of xenophobia on the part of public officials in the care of migrants in the context of the health emergency…it is important to be doing training processes with officials so that they not only guarantee the institutional action of the Attorney General's Office but so that there is also a guarantee of rights in the care of all users."

It is essential to create inclusive spaces to promote open innovation where citizen participation is evidenced to regain trust in-state entities, through joint collaboration processes.

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