Natalia Rendón: Another Victim of the Sexist Institution?

A renowned lender of political campaigns in Colombia was prosecuted after being accused of the crime of domestic violence against his sentimental partner, Natalia Rendón. This happened last May 23rd, in the capital city of Bogotá, Colombia.

The Woman Post | Silvia Manuela Gutiérrez Rodríguez

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The victim's defense assures that the attack occurred on March 22nd, when Luis Guillermo Gutiérrez threw Natalia Rendón to the floor even though she was five months pregnant. He kicked her several times in a state of rage. Her life and the baby's life were at risk. Thankfully, the victim received treatment on time, being hospitalized for 15 days in intensive care. Legal medicine gave Gutiérrez 18 days of disability. For now, the woman, who is seven months pregnant, has special protection measures from the authorities since the Prosecutor's Office believes that this victim's life is in danger.

Natalia Rendón, the woman and victim of this attack, had been in a relationship with Gutiérrez for two years and suffered psychological and verbal violence. She has been receiving death threats from Gutiérrez, assuring her that he would kill her and her son, listening to expressions like "prostitute" several times.

The violence did not start when Luis Guillermo physically abused her. She was not just hearing all these words and dealing with all these treats; years earlier, her partner had taken custody of her son. This happened due to her psychological diagnosis caused by him. After she went to therapy and took her treatment, she asked for custody of her son, who was in a state of malnutrition due to Luis' carelessness. However, this wealthy, violent, and corrupt character was again granted custody. The influence and power he has been used to evade and justify his sexism, behavior, and serious crimes.

The victim, and even sources from the process, said that he is influential and has close contact with several Ministers in Colombia. The Gutiérrez family owns a company considered by a sector of the national political class as a kind of financial lifeline at election time; since he has powerful friends and is "untouchable," he is being covered and justified by the institution.


The businessman is part of a powerful family that speaks with prosecutors, allowing him to reverse the current legal situation, having, through influence and manipulation, a comfortable position in which he can avoid his crime unfairly, something that cannot keep happening.

This serious case is just one more situation in which women, again, are being victims, in which they cannot live and are not sure even with their couple. In this society, women do not know who to trust anymore. The reason is the institution allows this kind of sexism, this kind of violence, and even seems to approve of it, putting first the power and influence over the safety. This is not just a case of violence but attempted femicide. In society, violence seems to be the new normal, and we must stop it. It is time for justice to be fair for once, really caring for those who need it.

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