North and South Korea: What’s next after the demining of the two countries?

Demining, which was achieved as an agreement of the Inter-Korean Summit, is another step towards the denuclearization of North Korea.

North and South Korea: What's next after the demining of the two countries?

According to Europa Press, the demining of the Joint Security Area of the border between the two Koreas and the demilitarized zone of Gangwon province has been completed. North Korea and South Korea, kept their word to remove the mines and explosives placed in these areas.

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The task had to be done between October 1 and 20, 2018, as agreed between the leaders of both Koreas, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In, at the inter-Korean summit held in mid-October of this year.

Everything was verified by the Command of the United Nations Forces, as reported by Reuters with information gathered from the radio station KBS.

What's Next?

Taking IGNORE INTO account the agreements of the Inter-Korean Summit, the guard posts, artillery teams and troops from the aforementioned border area will be removed, says El País of Bolivia.

Five North Korean and four South Korean posts will be replaced by two new posts, which will be placed on both sides of the border. The pistols, machine guns, and AK-47 rifles will be removed from the Joint Security Area. Similarly, following the agreement reached, there will be a 12-meter-wide road in the place that was designated to begin the recovery work of all the soldiers who died in the Korean War that occurred between 1950 and 1953, says Reuters.

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Denuclearize North Korea

Apart from the demining, the South Korean Ministry of Defense publicly announced that it suspended military exercises between its air force and that of the United States. with the aim of giving full support to the denuclearization of North Korea and thus bring peace to the peninsula.

Since human rights lawyer Moon Jae In came to power in South Korea, he has become an important mediator and peacemaker between Trump and Kim Jong Un. So much that the demining is historic because before Moon Jae was in front of South Korea, the military exercises between both Koreas was continuous to the point that they had to warn on loudspeakers that a military action was coming. This is how El Mundo de España reviews it.

The second is that Moon Jae In, has served as spokesman for his North Korean counterpart where he asked him to deliver a letter to the Pope to visit his country. This attitude of the South Korean leader will not only bring peace between the two Koreas but will prevent lives from being lost as there are no more conflicts or discrepancies between the two nations and could eventually cause North Korea to end its nuclear program and its population begins a route of integration to the world.


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Translated from: '¿Qué sigue tras el de minado de las dos coreas?'

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