North Korea: Why Kim Jong-un will not end the nuclear program?

War "can never be a bargaining chip for getting the DPRK denuclearized": ​​North Korean news agency

North Korea: Why Kim Jong-un will not end his nuclear program?

Although Donald Trump announced that he will work with Kim Jong-un to achieve the denuclearization of the North Korean country, and there was a historic meeting in Singapore to discuss the possibilities, the distrust generated by the US does not allow North Korea to make significant progress.

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"Enforcement of U.N. Security Council sanctions must continue vigorously and without fail until we realize final, fully verified denuclearization," said Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, at the meeting of the United Nations Security Council. However, this only contributed to increase the insecurity of Pyongyang and further away the idea of ​​ending its nuclear program.

For his part, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was present at the session, explained what the US position should be in front of North Korea, which could benefit both nations. "The steps of North Korea on the path of gradual denuclearization should go hand in hand with a softening of sanctions, since any negotiation is a street with traffic in both directions."

What must happen for a denuclearization in North Korea?

Pyongyang has been clear with Washington that a peace treaty is not the only element for them to decide to end their nuclear plan. "The end of the war (…) is not just a gift from a man to another, it can never be a bargaining chip for getting the DPRK denuclearized", that was the message that The North Korean official agency, KCNA, transmitted to Washington.

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According to HispanTV, the North Korean agency explained that "The Korean War (1950 – 1953) should "have been resolved half a century ago" and is part of the" most basic and main process for the establishment of US-DPRK relations."

Then, a declaration of the end of that war by Donald Trump before the media, which was later signed with Kim Jong-un, would speed up not only peace between the two countries but the most important thing: the end of the North Korean nuclear program.

What does the US request and what has it given?

As explained by the same media, in the historic meeting in Singapore, Trump promised Kim "to stop the joint military exercises of the United States and South Korea around the Korean peninsula, lift the sanctions against Pyongyang and guarantee the country's security", in exchange for ending its nuclear program.

However, the US continues to impose sanctions and North Korea continues its nuclear plan. In that swing, the advances are minimal in that matter, but the decision of Kim not to close dialogues with Trump remains firm.

The Pope in North Korea

No Pope has visited the North Korean country in all its history, but Kim Jong-un has decided to take the first step in this way. As part of the process of normalizing his country and becoming more open to the world, Kim sent the invitation to Pope Francis through the brother country headed by President Moon Jae-in.

"I would warmly welcome the top leader of the Catholic Church," Kim said, as announced at a press conference by Kim Eui-kyeom, the spokesman for the Blue House in the midst of the tour that is being prepared by Europe's president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in.

"During his meeting with Pope Francis, he will deliver the message of Kim Jong-un, according to which he would warmly welcome the Pope if he traveled to Pyongyang," Eui-kyeom added.

The visit of Pope is possibly a demonstration of the peacefulness that Kim Jong-un tries to show to the world, which can be encouraging and give rise to the United States reconsidering its sanctions and thus a definitive advance towards the completion of the North Korean nuclear program.


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Translated from "Corea del Norte: ¿Por qué Kim Jong-un no acabará con su programa nuclear?"

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