Peru: Alberto Fujimori is back to prison

By a decision of the Supreme Court, former dictator Alberto Fujimori returns to prison after obtaining a humanitarian pardon

Peru: Alberto Fujimori is back to prison

The former Peruvian president, and who many consider a dictator, Alberto Fujimori, was revoked the humanitarian pardon. Fujimori was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2007 when he was extradited from Chile and put in prison for being found guilty of human rights violations due to the massacres of Barrios Altos and La Cantuta, as indicated by the newspaper La Republica.

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In addition, and according to the legal environment, Fujimori "ordered the State intelligence services the disappearance of alleged terrorists who began operating in the country's capital, specifically in urban areas." The humanitarian pardon was given when the former president had to be hospitalized emergency when suffering heart problems. Thus, on January 4, 2018, he was discharged and released.

Now, on October 3, 2018, the Preparatory Investigation Court of the Supreme Court annulled the pardon granted at the end of 2017. In addition, Judge Hugo Nuñez Julca ordered the authorities to locate and capture the former president to return to Barbadillo prison. in the Diroes, as CNN mentions.

The decision was made after a series of procedures. According to the Andina newspaper, "on February 2, representatives of the victims of the massacres made a request before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights  for finding the pardon" arbitrary, irregular and illegal ". As of that moment, on June 15, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights made a judgment requesting the legitimacy of the pardon, as stated by the same media.

The procedure was accepted by Judge Jorge Castañeda Espinoza, and in September "The Supreme Court of Preliminary Investigation of the Judicial Branch left the vote for a review of the humanitarian pardon." At this hearing, the parties involved were heard, the same medium.

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Given this, Fujimori's lawyer, Miguel Pérez Arroyo, told El Comercio newspaper that "his client is "quite dismayed" with this resolution, adding that the ruling is acceptable "from the legal point of view," but it is questionable ".

Likewise, his daughter Keiko Fujimori told the Peruvian management that "Today is the saddest and most painful day of our lives, given that one of the judges of the country indicates that, since he is not moribund (Alberto Fujimori), he has no right to a pardon. or why there would be errors in the processing ". She added that the decision was "unfair and inhumane" and that "there are hatred and anger against her father."

He only has to appeal

Fujimori's lawyer, Miguel Pérez, told the RPP media that he would appeal the decision of the Court. "This is a request that is made in the first instance (…) A constitutional complaint against this supreme judge who made this resolution is being finalized, in the resolution, it says that the process is in force when this is not the case". In this way, and according to the ABC media, "Pérez filed the appeal after having met with Fujimori at his home, located in an exclusive urbanization of Lima."

We will have to see what is the outcome of this situation, because the former president has 14 years of the sentence, ending in the year 2032. Fujimori's humanitarian pardon lasted nine months. If he were imprisoned again, he would return to the prison that was built exclusively for him, and that has a cell with three environments and permanent medical attention, as stated by La Tercera.


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