Peru: will Fujimori’s dinasty come to an end?

The annulment of the pardon to Alberto Fujimori, could be the end of the legacy of the former president, as well as the aspirations of his sons to continue in power

Peru: will Fujimori's dinasty come to an end?

The decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru to annul the pardon granted to Fujimori, demonstrates the fragility of the political pacts among elites, especially when they have the objective of guaranteeing impunity in the face of faults and crimes committed by those who exercise power.  As it happened in this case with Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Kenji Fujimori, son of the former Peruvian president.

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While Kuczynski, later betrayed by Fujimori's sons trusted that by agreeing to pardon he could remove the pressure of the impeachment trial that was being carried out against him in the Congress and continue ruling to finish his term, Fujimori son and daughter, Kenji and Keiko, felt that the double triumph achieved with the pardon of his father and the fall of Kuczynski, was the guarantee they needed to recover the lost power.

In the midst of the commotion experienced in Peru by the resignation of Kuczynski and the indignation that for many Peruvians generated the pardon, there was something that would change everything. It was precisely the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to annul the decision taken by Kuczynski, due to gaps and irregularities around it.

Regarding the above, the newspaper La República de Peru mentions the arguments considered by Judge Hugo Núñez to annul Fujimori's pardon, mainly the exchange of benefits between Kuczynski and several members of Fuerza Popular. Those who upset the balance in favor of Kuczynski, to prevent the approval of the presidential vacancy.

Added to the exchange of favors agreed between Kuczynski and Fujimorism, Judge Núñez also took IGNORE INTO account the irregularities in the process of granting the pardon. Especially because in the administrative procedure the principles of impartiality and objectivity were broken. Because the medical doctor of Fujimori, Juan Postigo Díaz, was appointed as part of the prison board, despite the fact that he had previously issued opinions in favor of the pardon, according to La República.

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The conflict between Keiko and Kenji and the self-destruction of Fujimorism

But beyond legal considerations and legitimacy, the epilogue living Fujimorism has its roots in the rivalry between Keiko and Kenji Fujimori, who in the midst of his ambition to obtain power and govern Peru to continue the legacy of his father, have generated a conflict that has led to what can be considered self-destruction and the end of Fujimorism.

The rivalry between the Fujimori brothers is widely known in Peru. In fact, this was the factor that influenced, first, the pact between the Popular Force and Kuczynski blocs and, second, the famous 'kenjivideos' were published, which not only broke that pact but ended up sentencing the resignation of Kuczynski.

"Let's go back to the Fujimori: the minors grow and occupy larger places, different episodes corroborate that they are far from pointing to the same objective or, worse, that by coincidence they become mutually exclusive. Murder the father and then govern between brothers: that was the hypothesis that, with great detail, Freud extended. Keep the father alive while the struggle between siblings continues: there is this fraternal complex that, to date, seems to have no sign of resolving. Are the crimes and nonsense of the father hereditary and the rivalry between brothers the best pretext to validate such a curse? ", Explained to the newspaper El Comercio, the journalist Julio Hevia.

Even Alberto Fujimori's own lawyer, Miguel Pérez Arroyo, said on Radio Programas del Perú (RPP), that what happens inside Fuerza Popular, the decisions taken by this bloc (particularly the impulse to the vacancy of Kuczynski) and the confrontation between Keiko and Kenji, played against Fujimori to reach the current situation, in which the former president must return to prison as a result of the annulment of his pardon:

"This has put us in an adverse political scenario, legally this (the annulment of the pardon) has no head or tail, but if we put the political stage, it was inevitable that this would happen," I told the former president that this is happening. is going to play at some point a bad pass, because the adverse political scenario will generate a decision that is politically contaminated, "Pérez told the RPP network.

The current political scenario in Peru shows an adverse scenario so that eventually in an appeal the decision to annul the pardon to Alberto Fujimori is revoked. Meanwhile, Fujimorism, with the conflict still in effect between Keiko and Kenji Fujimori, slowly walks towards its final self, destroying itself, ending an era that undoubtedly marked the history of Peru forever.

LatinAmerican Post | Samuel Augusto Gallego Suárez
Translated from: 'Perú: ¿Se acerca el final de la dinastía Fujimori?'

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