Real Changes Towards Women Through Democracy

Real changes towards women are achieved through democratic actions without fanaticism.

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Chile approved in September the decriminalization of abortion. The objective of the project, which is now being returned by a commission, is to modify the Penal Code in those cases in which the practice is consented to by the woman and is carried out within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. However, the proposal will return to the Women's Commission for the definition of its articles.

Voices for Women’s Rights

"Congratulations on this great progress," said Lilián Abracinskas, founder and current director of the NGO MYSU, Mujer y Salud en Uruguay.

Abracinskas was born on January 23, 1959. Communicator, teacher, and feminist activist, her specialty topics deal with gender, health, sexual and reproductive rights. "Feminism has something that no movement in the world has achieved, a democratic, non-violent policy to achieve transformative changes," say who knows each step that is taken in the transition to legislation that ensures the legalization of abortion as a right (in Uruguay abortion is legal until 12 weeks of pregnancy).

"Feminism is not only a revolutionary and emancipatory struggle, it is an evolution of humanity in terms of recognizing any person subject to the law. We question the exercise of a power that acts abusively," warns the specialist in reproductive rights.


It Is Important To Keep the Essence and Build Feminism

"The accompaniment networks in Uruguay support the feminist sustenance of building a network of empathy, affiliation with the other, putting yourself in the shoes of those who live different realities, this is a question that movements must always bear in mind, the effervescence that the law is very different from when the law is executed, you have to have technical and political capacities to solve problems."

A Year Ago Argentina Legalized Abortion After a Historic Session

"The law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy is decriminalized in the first fourteen weeks of gestation. Argentina legalizes abortion and its sanction transforms this clandestine activity into safe," shouted thousands of protesters outside Congress.

In a session that lasted twelve hours and had the country in suspense until the end, the Senate approved the legalization of abortion: 38 votes in favor, 29 against, and one abstention. Key the support of 5 legislators who had not expressed themselves publicly. 

The Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy law decriminalizes and legalizes, transforming clandestine abortion into safe, legal, and free. It is one of the most important conquests. Now the State will also have the responsibility of taking care of the health of any person who chooses to make the decision.

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