Santa Fe defeated, Santrich discharged and other news this week

We bring you our summary with the highlights of this week .

River and Santa Fe players and Jesus Santrich

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photo: TW-ESPN, TW-pcaarg

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It's already Friday and you probably want to start the weekend updated. That is why we bring you the most outstanding news of the week on political, environmental and sports issues summarized and chewed. This is our summary of the week.


Colombia: FARC guerrilla chief dies in confusing facts

The defense minister confirmed that, according to his versions, the dissident leader of the FARC guerrilla alias Jesús Santrich was killed amid confusing events in Venezuelan territory. Although the same dissidents confirmed the death of their leader, it is not known with certainty whether the criminal was killed by the actions of another group of dissidents from the same guerrilla, except for the ELN guerrilla, or on the orders of the Venezuelan Military Forces.
Santrich had been part of the group of negotiators that reached a peace agreement with the Colombian government. However, he decided to withdraw and return to arms after an investigation by the US government that linked him to being a drug dealer after the agreement.


Mediterranean migration crisis worsens in Spain

This week, between Monday and Tuesday, about 8,000 immigrants entered the city of Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Africa, irregularly. Despite the fact that more than 6,000 of the immigrants have already been returned and the flow has decreased considerably, the images left by this event demonstrate the seriousness of the problem of refugees trying to reach Europe.

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Tesla abandons bitcoin as payment currency

On May 12, Elon Musk, owner of the car company, announced through his Twitter account that Tesla will stop receiving bitcoin as a means of payment. He alluded to the high environmental impact of its use. Although, being a digital currency, bitcoin does not require the felling of trees or the extraction of metals for its creation, to carry out transactions a large number of complex computer processes are necessary for which very specific hardware is necessary. , for which mining is used. This, in addition, implies a very high energy use, energy that of course is not clean and that will increase as the value of this currency increases. Musk had already been criticized for championing clean energy while using bitcoin at the same time.

Brazil's Minister of the Environment is investigated for illegal export of wood
On May 19, Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes authorized the Brazilian police to access the bank and tax records of Ricardo de Aquino Salles, Brazil's Minister of the Environment. Likewise, the Supreme Court of Brazil ordered the suspension of ten posts in the Ministry of the Environment and the Brazilian Institute of the Environment (IBAMA). This is all due to the ongoing investigation into Salles, who has been accused of facilitating the illegal export of timber from the Amazon rainforest. This accusation was made more than a month ago, but then the Amazonas state police chief was removed from his post.


Santa Fe experienced a monumental defeat in the Copa Libertadores

Santa Fe starred in one of the most embarrassing episodes in recent soccer history. The Colombian team lost 2-1 in the Copa Libertadores against a River Plate with 20 casualties due to coronavirus and a midfielder who had to play as a goalkeeper. With this unlikely defeat, Santa Fe lost his ticket to the Suramericana and became, for a day, the laughing stock of soccer in Latin America. Regarding the standings, River is the leader of group D with 9 points. They are followed by Fluminense with 8, Junior with 6 and Santa Fe, last, with 2.


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